Sunday, September 12, 2010

Well this takes the cake...

So as some of you know, I started feeling sick last Thursday (sept 2). I went to the dr the next Monday and the dr said I had "pharyngitis" and probably strept but he wasn't going to test me for it cuz my throat was red and swollen enough.

Well after a week of not feeling any better and actually feeling worse Brian tells me to go back to the dr.

I have freakin bronchitis, and an ear infection AND a possible sinus infection!

No wonder I have felt miserable!! We are supposed to go out of town Tuesday so I'm crossing my fingers and praying I feel up to it. But we'll have to see.

Since I am STILL laid up in the bed miserable...check out my facebook page cuz I'm off to find some awesome giveaways going on that we can all enter!!


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, fingers crossed for Tuesday. BTW, if you're looking for awesome giveaways, I have some beauties right now $150 Whimsy Designer Ring, $100 Value Pearls just to name a few.

    Take care of yourself and get well soon :)


  2. Awww! I hope you feel better! I get bronchitis a lot and always have. I remember a few years ago I had an upper respiratory infection and double ear infections - not fun at all! I hope you start feeling well enough to go out of town! Good luck!

  3. I hate when the doc misses the bog stuff. I hope you feel better so you can make it out of town!

  4. OH no...that's horrible! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. My little girl seems to bring something like this home just about every time she goes to day care. I think we're keeping our family doctor in business. Hope you're feeling better soon :-)


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