Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Calling all Green Mama's!!

So I am really interested in becoming more green and I know there are some really awesome mommy bloggers that are green! So since I will be pretty busy with school I'm thinking of having some cool guest bloggers to talk about being green and ways we can all be green! I really want to do more things green in my household so if any way I can get tips and ideas is great!


If you are intersted in being a "green" guest blogger for my blog please email me at mommyferg02@gmail.com with the following details:

  • Please make sure the subject is "Green Guest Blogger App"
  • Give me your name and blog url
  • Tell me a bit about yourself and how you are green
  • Give me any links to your facebook page or twitter account you may have
Thanks! Look forward to hearing from all you awesome green mamas!!

(I'm even linking up at a Green blog hop today! Yay!)

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