Friday, November 30, 2012

Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight! {Little Love Buns!} #FluffyXmas

I have one last sponsor to share with you before the event begins- Little Love Buns

Little Love Buns was created by a mom of 3 named Dallas. She started cloth diapering after she had twins but could never seem to find a detergent she loved. Plus one of her children has very sensitive skin! So she came up with her own detergent, wipe solution, and even soap that was gentle but effective! 

Little Love Buns currently carries not only laundry detergent, but wipes bits, soap,pail freshener, and even some cloth diapers and wetbags! The laundry detergent and the wipes bits come in an awesome variety of scents! 

Be sure to come back and read my review on Little Love Buns wipes bits, coming soon!

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One lucky reader will win a 50ct of wipes bits during the Merry Fluffy Christmas event, December 1-7! 

What wipes bit scent would you choose from Little Love Buns if you win? 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight/Review! {Diapers By Chris!} #FluffyXmas

Time for another sponsor spotlight for the Merry Fluffy Christmas event! Today's featured sponsor is Diapers By Chris! Diapers by Chris was started by a mom who decided she wanted to use cloth diapers when she was pregnant with her daughter. After buying a few, she decided to give making them herself a try. She developed her own pattern and started making them for her daughter! Then she began to get requests from others who had seen the diapers and wanted to purchase them! And Diapers By Chris was born! 

I was given the opportunity to review a one-size fitted diaper made by Diapers By Chris! It is a beautiful Christmas print! 

This diaper is a one-size fitted with two snap down rows and crossover wings. It is made with a cotton knit outter, a hidden layer of bamboo fleece, and an inner layer of cotton velour. It is so soft both on the outside and inside! Even around the legs and waist is soft so Isaac doesn't get any red marks with this diaper! It fits Isaac really well even though he is a chubby 20lb little guy! I don't get any gaps around the legs or at the belly!

 This is a fitted diaper so it does require a cover but Isaac has gone over two hours in this diaper without we outside getting wet at all. We do use a cover during naps and with a cover him and his crib stay dry! I am really enjoying this Diapers By Chris fitted diaper! I don't use a lot of fitted diapers, but this diaper makes me want to have more! And they are only $18 for her fitted diapers! That's an awesome price for a WAHM fitted diaper! Be sure to check out Diapers By Chris on Facebook to view her available prints and colors! 

Here's an adorable bum shot of Isaac in his Diapers By Chris fitted diaper! 

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One lucky reader will win a One-Size Hybrid fitted diaper in winner's choice of available fabric during the Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway event starting December 1st! 

What fabric will you choose from Diapers By Chris, if you win? (View photo albums for available prints)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight/Review! {Irresistibly Green!} #FluffyXmas

Time to share another Merry Fluffy Christmas sponsor! Today I'm going to be telling you all about Irresistibly Green
Irresistibly Green, formally Greenie Beanie Bottoms, provides families with eco-friendly products! It is owned by a cloth diapering mom and they provide only the best customer service. They carry cloth diapers, products for breastfeeding, products for mom, and even products for the home! They have free shipping to all US orders including Hawaii and Alaska, and shipping to Canada is only a $3 flat rate! 

I was sent a Knickernappies One-size Pocket Diaper to review from Irresistibly Green! I have to mention how quickly I get an email response and also how quick shipping was from them! When they say they provide only the best customer service, they mean it! The Knickernappies one-size pocket diaper fits approximately 8-40 pounds. It comes with two inserts each, a large and a small. You can choose from microfiber inserts or LoopyDo inserts, which are a combination of hemp and microfiber. It is a side snapping diaper! The inside material is a soft, non-pill fleece. It also comes in a great variety of bright and vibrant colors! 
So until now, I had never tried a side snapping diaper! I was a little wary of using one because I just didn't know what to expect!  I was pleasantly surprised when I received this diaper! I get a trimmer fit with this side snapping diaper than I do with nearly all of my front snapping pockets! Isaac is 20lbs and we have the diaper snapped down to the middle snap. He still has a LOT of room to grow in this diaper! I truly believe this will fit up to 40lbs! The inside is nice and soft and the elastic is gentle so he doesn't get red marks. We haven't had a leak in this diaper at all and he's worn it for over two hours during a nap! I just love the way it fits and how trim it is on him! I am now a lover of side snapping diapers! 

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One lucky reader will win a Knickernappies OS Pocket Diaper in their choice of available color and insert from Irresistibly Green during the Merry Fluffy Christmas Event!

What color would you choose if you won a Knickernappies OS from Irresistibly Green? 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight/Review! {Lagoon Baby!} #FluffyXmas

It's time to share with you another sponsor for the Merry Fluffy Christmas event that starts December 1st! The sponsor I am going to tell you about to today is Lagoon Baby

Lagoon Baby is a family-owned, online-based store in Canada that carries cloth diapers, cloth accessories, and items for baby and mom. Their website has information on the different types of cloth diapers and accessories to choose from and even how to care for each of the items they carry! They have great customer service with quick response and encourage you to email them with any questions you have! 

Natalie from Lagoon Baby sent me a Sweet Pea One-Size Diaper Cover to review for this event! This diaper cover is a waterproof cover made of PUL  that fits approximately 10-38 pounds. It snaps down for sizing and the wings have two sets of snaps so the cover stays where it should! This cover can be used over fitted or prefolds or for extra leak protection on any diaper! There are also leg gussets to keep the mess in and for added protection! 

I have been using some different types of fitted diapers lately and this cover has come in really handy! It fits Isaac really well with plenty of room for growing! I really like the leg gussets because even if he soaks the diaper or has a poopy diaper the leg gussets keep it all contained inside the cover. The Sweet Pea One-Size diaper cover is super reliable and can truly last from newborn to toddler! 

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One lucky reader will win a $20 gift certificate to Lagoon Baby during the Merry Fluffy Christmas Event starting December 1st!

What will you use your gift certificate on at Lagoon Baby if you win?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pretty Mommies Giveaway Event! {US/Canada!}

I am so excited to be participating in another awesome event with The Blogging Mamas Network! 

Pretty Mommies Safe Skincare for Pregnant and Nursing Moms
Did you know it's important to use safe skincare while you're pregnant and breastfeeding?
The Blogging Mamas Network and Pretty Mommies have come together to bring you important information about safe skincare during these special times AND to offer you a chance to win 1 of 4 sets of Pretty Mommies Skincare!
Pretty Mommies Skin Care is an all-natural, physician-based maternity skin care line that has raised the bar to become the new standard in safety and efficacy for pregnant and nursing women.
Pretty Mommies Safe Skincare for Pregnant and Nursing Moms
  • Pretty Mommies not only addresses the challenges due to the hormonal changes associated with motherhood, but also sets a new standard of safety for you and your baby.
  • Contains ingredients such as Rose Hip, Vitamin C, Aloe, Green Tea, Red Tea, Squalane (derived from Olives) and Trichloma Matsutake Singer Extract (Japanese Mushroom).
  • Each ingredient has a specific natural skin care benefit.
All Pretty Mommies Products Are:
  • Formaldehyde FREE
  • Paraben FREE
  • Artificial Fragrance FREE
  • Phthalate FREE
  • Dimethicone FREE
  • Petroleum FREE
  • Ammonium FREE
  • Sulfate FREE
  • Phenoxyethanol FREE
  • Oxybenzone FREE
  • Colorant (Coal Tar Dye) FREE
  • Idebenone FREE
  • Imidazalidol Urea FREE
  • Mineral Oil FREE
  • Methylisothiazolinone FREE
  • Aluminum FREE
  • BHA and BHT FREE
  • DMAE Dimethylaminoethanol FREE
  • Phenonip FREE
  • Talc FREE
  • Triclosan FREE
  • Hydroquinone FREE
Pretty Mommies is a 3 step skin care line - including a cleanser, a skin brightener, and a sunscreen. Although it's specifically formulated to deal with the hormonal imbalances of pregnancy and nursing, EVERYONE can benefit from it's natural ingredients.
To learn even more about each of the 3 products, read the detailed Pretty Mommies Review on According to Jenny.
The Pretty Mommies Skincare Line is available on the Pretty Mommies Website and through selected Physicians Offices. The set retails for $158 or each product can be purchased separately.
Pretty Mommies has recently partnered up with the BabyLove Project - a subscription sampling service that gives new and expecting mothers access to healthy beauty and skincare products in an innovative way. They're currently surveying new and expectant moms, so if that's you - they would love your feedback on this survey!
Pretty Mommies Safe Skincare for Pregnant and Nursing Moms


Pretty Mommies Safe Skincare for Pregnant and Nursing Moms Giveaway
This giveaway is open to US/CAN residents, 18+ only. Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EST on December 10th.
To enter, please use the Rafflecopter Form below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure: Special thanks to Hosts According to Jenny, So Easy Being Green, An Ordinary Housewife, and other Pretty Mommy Bloggers! Event bloggers are not responsible for Sponsor Prize Shipment.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight/Review! {Tender Tushies!}

I am so excited to be participating in the third annual Merry Fluffy Christmas event this year! I participated in the very first one but took last year off because I had a brand new baby I was busy with! So this is very exciting for me! I have some really awesome sponsors lined up that I can't wait to tell you about! 

The first sponsor I'm going to tell you about is Tender Tushies! Tender Tushies was created by a mom named Rachelle who wanted to find an affordable cloth diaper that wasn't lacking in quality! After a lot of trial and error, Tender Tushies was finally born! Tender Tushies is located in Canada. They not only carry cloth diapers but also accessories such as pail liners, inserts, and legwarmers! They even carry a few products for mom, like nursing covers!

I was given the opportunity to review a Tender Tushies one-size pocket diaper in an adorable denim print! Their one-size pockets fit approximately 9-35lbs. They have 2 rows of snaps to snap down and also crossover snaps around the waist to get a great fit for little babies! The inside of the one-size diaper is micro-fleece and it comes with a 4-layer microfiber inserts. 

I am loving my Tender Tushies one-size pocket! We've been using it for a few months now and have no issues with it whatsoever! The print is so cute and I love showing it off on my baby's bum! The inside of the diaper is super soft and even after using it for a few months it's still soft! We have never had any leaks in this diaper!  He's worn it everywhere including during naps! 

Isaac just went through a growth spurt so now we don't have the diaper snapped down at all, but before that we had it snapped down one row. The wings don't overlap but I still snap it as tight as it will go without overlapping and we get a great fit! So he still also has a lot of room to grow in it and he's 20lbs now! I have no doubt this diaper will last him all the way to potty training! 

Tender Tushies cloth diapers are great! They are well made, come in adorable colors and prints, and are super affordable! The 2 row snap down option and the crossover wings makes them truly one size!I love our Tender Tushies one-size pocket diaper! 

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One lucky reader will win a $10 gift certificate to Tender Tushies as part of the Merry Fluffy Christmas Prize Package! 

Which Tender Tushies print or color is your favorite? 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Comfort OS Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway! {US only!}

I posted a few weeks ago about Little Comfort cloth diaper company partnering with Green Team Enterprises to become available in the US! Well they are now available here in the US and I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to review one of their cloth diapers, a Bambee One-size Bamboo Fitted

The Bambee One-Size fitted is a super soft fitted diaper that will fit from approximately birth until potty training. It is set up into two size brackets, size one and size two. Size one will fit up to 20 pounds and size two will fit 20 pounds and up. The diaper comes with two boosters, a short and a long one, that can also be snapped together for nighttime use or for heavy wetters. For size one, the booster does not snap in to the diaper and the rise snaps down for a smaller fit. For size two, the booster can snap in to the diaper. 

We've been using these diapers for about two weeks now and even though Isaac is about 20.6lbs we are still using the diaper on the size one setting. We get a much better fit on size one still. This diaper is so soft! Like soft as in you could use it as a pillow! And even after washes it stays just as soft as when it was new! They are fitteds so they do require a cover but Isaac, who is not a heavy wetter, has gone over an hour without a cover before the outside got wet. 

These diapers are made with bamboo so they are super absorbent! The double booster works great for heavy wetters and night so there are no leaks! The boosters are topped with micro-fleece so baby doesn't feel the wet as much! Even though I don't have a heavy wetter the absorbent bamboo and soft micro-fleece is so nice to have because I know I have that extra protection but Isaac will still feel dry and comfortable! We love this diaper for naps! I do put a waterproof cover on him for naps and we have no leaks or issues! 

The price of this diaper is pretty good compared to some other fitted diapers I have seen. It is currently $18.13 on the Little Comfort website. I really like the Little Comfort one-size bamboo fitted! It's absorbent, super soft and comfortable for baby, and super affordable! 

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One lucky reader will win a Little Comfort OS Bamboo Fitted Diaper! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals at

I am loving these deals! 

Here are the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at Diaper Junction

Save BIG this weekend with these great deals on name brand cloth diapers, baby carriers, cloth diaper detergents and more!

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Discounts you will LOVE on the brands you adore!
GroVia Newborn All In One Diapers – Buy 2 Get 1 Free
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Plus, Save 10 – 40% off
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Diaper Rite
and more!

Shop this holiday weekend and save at!

*Plus, Flash Giveaways all weekend long on Diaper Junction's Facebook Page!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Isaac's First Birthday Fun!

Isaac's first birthday was Sunday and it was a great weekend! Saturday we had a small birthday party for him with family and on Sunday we went to Zoo Atlanta! Isaac loved both! I was really surprised how into the zoo he was! He especially loved the gorillas! Here's a few pics from his birthday weekend! 

The Birthday Boy!
Birthday Boy!

Birthday Cake!
Birthday Cake!
Messy Smash Cake Fun!
Smash Cake Fun!

Ready to explore the zoo in the Boba 3G of course!
Ready to explore the zoo! In the Boba 3G of course!
Having fun at the zoo with big brother and cousin Layla!
Having fun at the zoo with big brother and cousin Layla!

Petting the big goat! He loved it!
Petting the big goat! He loved it!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holly Jolly Jubilee 2012 Giveaway Hop! #HJJubilee12

Welcome to the Holly Jolly Jubilee 2012 Giveaway Hop! This hop is hosted by Formula Mom and Fab Finds By Tiffany! The hop starts today and will go through November 30th! There are over 80 blogs participating in this hop so you have lots of chances to win! 

The grand prize for this hop is a Little Tikes Kitchen and a $25 Amazon Gift Card so be sure to visit the hosts to enter to win! 
Here at The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom you have the chance to win a $20 Gift Code to Rockstar Wreaths and a $25 Gift Code to My Little Legs! That's $45 worth of awesome prizes! Both of these sites have amazing items that will make perfect gifts for someone you care about! 

All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter form below! Must be 18 years of age or older to enter! Only one person per household may enter or entries will be deleted! You can only do one entry or all of them! Good luck! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy First Birthday Isaac!

My sweet Isaac is one year old today! 

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by! I am so blessed to have two amazing little boys! 

I am also super proud to say we made it a year nursing and we are still going strong! Isaac still nurses around 3 times a day! I was so worried about breastfeeding not working out again, but it was very easy for me this time around! I'm so glad it worked out!

Happy Birthday Isaac! Mommy loves you more than you'll ever know! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

Holly Jolly Jubilee Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight! {My Little Legs!}

I'm excited to tell you about my next sponsor for the Holly Jolly Jubilee 2012 Giveaway Hop! This next sponsor is a favorite of mine and we use their products almost daily now! I'm excited to announce My Little Legs as our next sponsor! 

My Little Legs specializes "in all things little". They have so many amazing products for baby's! Not only to they have comfy legwarmers, but they sell bows, bibs,hat, outfits, and even swaddling blankets! I was given the opportunity to review some great products from My Little Legs, including their Holiday collection of leg warmers!! 

Items reviewed-Christmas Leg Warmers, Crocheted Owl Hats, Socks, and Bib.

We received the Holiday collection of legwarmers to review, along with two crocheted owl hats for the boys, two sets of socks, and a bib for Isaac! The picture above does not do the owl hats justice! They are absolutely adorable and made so well! Every time I go out of the house with the boys in these hats I get comments about how cute the hats are! 

I am completely in love with My Little Legs legwarmers! They are so convenient and keep baby's legs warm and cozy! Pants just annoy me when trying to change a diaper, and half the time I can't get the pants to fit over Isaac's fluffy bum! With the My Little Legs leg warmers I don't have to worry about pants! They make diaper changes easy and there are so many varieties of colors and prints that you can match them up with just about any outfit! 

Here's Isaac in his Holiday argyle print legwarmers!

The socks and bibs are just as cute and cozy as the legwarmers and hats! My Little Legs also carries adorable little rompers for girls as well as bow, headbands, and diaper covers! So you can get something for every child in the family! 

Buy It!
Win It!
One lucky reader will win a $25 gift code to My Little Legs, as part of the Holly Jolly Jubilee Prize Package here on The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom! 

Be sure to follow My Little Legs on Facebook and Twitter for a head start on entries, and come back November 19th to enter to win! 

Disclosure: I was sent these products free of charge in exchange for a written review. I was not compensated in any other way. 

Strolling Through The Holidays with a KiddyUSA City 'n Move Giveaway! {US Only}

Would you like to go strolling with your loved one this Holiday Season? 

The Blogging Mamas Network and KiddyUSA have come together to bring you a great giveaway for the brand new KiddyUSA City 'n Move Stroller
This stroller is the perfect companion - it's Lightweight {at only 21 lbs}, Comfortable for Mom/Dad and Child, and Maneuvers Easily.
The Kiddy brand, based in Germany, is synonymous with innovation and style when it comes to children's car seats and strollers and now the brand has launched in the US. 
The KiddyUSA City 'n Move comes in 7 fantastic colors {Winner will choose their Favorite!} and accommodates children 6 months to 55 pounds! 
To see even more of the City 'n Move Stroller, including detailed pictures and favorite features, read the KiddyUSA City 'n Move Stroller Review by Lindsey from So Easy Being Green.
The KiddyUSA City 'n Move Stroller is available at a variety of retailers.  The City 'n Move retails for $219.99 and will be available on Amazon very soon!


This giveaway is open to US residents, 18+ only.  Giveaway ends at 11:59 pm EST on November 30th. 
To enter, please use the Rafflecopter Form below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclosure:  Special thanks to Hosts According to Jenny, So Easy Being Green, Leetle Baby, and other Strollin' Bloggers!  Event bloggers are not responsible for Sponsor Prize Shipment.