Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I believe my toddler is bored with me....

So Noah is 16 months old. We are right in the center of this not quite a baby but not a big kid either yet. He can't really talk but he can walk and run and do most things a 2 year old could physically. So since we have the communication barrier we have the tantrums and the fits. Boo. But I am honestly starting to think the kid get bored with Brian and I. We aren't fun to him anymore. He wants more! He wants to get outside and explore and go run and jump and climb! He needs more stimulation! I try every day to get down and play with him and chase him and read to him. But I'm beginning to think its just not enough sometimes. Sometimes its great and he responds well and enjoys play time with mommy. But sometimes I think he needs some playmates or other kids to chase haha. So we are thinking about putting him in a mothers morning out maybe one or two mornings a week when I start back to school full time at the end of this month. We are going to check out a few and decide closer to the end of the month. Have any of you mamas done something like this? Was it a good experience for you and your kiddo? Give me your thoughts!

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  1. Found your blog through Welcome Wednesday. I think my kids are bored with me too. Maybe one day they will learn how much they need us. Great blog. I hope you stop by.



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