Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SnuggyBaby- An awesome WAHM store!

So I have been privilaged to talk with Jo from SnuggyBaby about her awesome store. At she sells wetbags, slings, and even doll sized slings for you little one to carry their doll in! How cute is that!!

  • all hand made in the United States
  • has wetbags from travel size to pail liner sized in a fabulous selection of fabrics. These wetbags are durable and can be used for more than just diapers!
  • has baby wraps and slings in an amazing array of colors and fabrics..fleece included!
  • has a selection of kid sized doll slings for mini moms and dads!
  • fast, reliable shipping! 

Here's the awesome part!!

Jo has offered to give my followers 10% off your entire  purchase at !!

All you have to do is
1) be a follower of this blog
2) use code 'NotSoSecret' at

Code is good until Oct 31, 2010!!

Thanks Jo for offering my followers this awesome deal!


  1. Just a heads up: The bottom two links do not work because you added a "l" so Snuggy.:)

  2. Oh thank you so much! I'll change it!


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