Friday, September 24, 2010

Featured Fluff Friday- Fuzzibunz!!

I have decided to feature Fuzzibunz as the first diaper in Featured Fluff Friday because they are one of my personal favorites! The majority of my stash is Fuzzibunz! So I'm going to tell you a bit about the website and just give you my personal experience with Fuzzibunz , because the people over at Fuzzibunz are very busy people! Cuz these dipes are so dang popular!!

Fuzzibunz was started by a stay at home mama, Tereson Dupuy, in 1999 after dealing with diaper rash on her son and was just dissatisfied with the diapers available. She sewed the very first fuzzibunz in her home and an awesome product was born!

Fuzzibunz comes in two different styles, one-size and perfect size. The One Size diapers are adjustable and usually fit from 7-35lbs. The leg casings adjust to 8+ settings and the waist can adjust to 4+ settings! The Perfect Size diaper is available in four different sizes and is the trimmer of the two diapers. It is especially made to fit your kiddo great!  Fuzzibunz come in a variety of 14 beautiful colors, including Mac and Cheese and Crushed Berries, just to name a few! They are pocket diapers so they have inserts that you stuff, which makes for quicker drying time. The inside of the diaper is made of fleece which is super soft on baby's bum!!

Noah in his red Medium Perfect Size Fuzzibunz
 Like I said, Fuzzibunz are one of my personal favorites. They are so durable and well made! I love the snaps! And the inside is seriously sooooo soft! I use the perfect size diapers and they fit Noah great! I have one of the one-size diapers and they are awesome too! The colors are super bright and fun! I have never had a leak in a fuzzibunz and we even just started using them at night (double-stuffed) and still no leaks! They are a great diaper and I will continue to use them until Noah is potty-trained and with next baby as well!!

All my info came from and from personal experience. If you have any questions about these diapers please feel free to comment below or email me!

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