Saturday, September 18, 2010

My trip to Publix today.....

Was a mess! I was so overwhelmed and confused! I didn't have many coupons but I looked at the sale paper yesterday and wrote down all the deals of stuff we would use and then made another list of things I needed. I spent $80 bucks on everything. Which isn't bad but I don't feel like I really saved much money. Before I started trying out this couponing thing and saving money, I just shopped at Walmart. My husband gets paid bi-weekly so I usually shop for two weeks and spend anywhere from $100-$150. So at Publix I spent less but I don't feel like I got as much food. I'm not sure if I did it wrong or not. I did get alot of great BOGO deals and there were definately some products there that are a lot cheaper than at Walmart. But I just didn't get this big sense of accomplishment when I left. I circled the whole store about 5 times cuz I didn't know where a lot was and I just felt very confused. Haha.

I'm hoping my next trip will be better. I hope to have a lot more coupons. If anyone has anymore tips for me , especially any tips for just starting out, I want to hear them!! Thanks!

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  1. My biggest thing is not purchasing items unless they are marked around 40-50% off AND I have a coupon. Sounds kinda crazy, but by doing this, you can stock up on these items. When you stock up, then when it's NOT on sale and you need it-you won't have to pay full price.
    Sometimes I DO have to pay full price on things like milk and bread, but generally I create my meals for the week based on what I was able to get on sale.
    What is your method to organize your coupons? I use a binder and it helps so much!
    I am not "spamming" your site, but I do have some tips on my blog, but links to others that may help as well!

    I hope this helps somewhat. I know that couponing has been a huge blessing to my family, and I love sharing the info to help others!



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