Friday, September 10, 2010

Cloth Diaper-what are my choices?

When it comes to cloth diapering there is soooooo much to choose from! It can get overwhelming! I can't even list to you all the choices you have, because I don't even know them all! But I am going to give you a basic list of the most typical kinds of cloth diapers, and some of the brands that make those kinds.

Prefolds and Covers

These are the cheapest option. You can get these almost anywhere. You can even get them at Walmart! (although those are usually used as burp cloths). Almost any cloth diaper store carries them but just to name a few... Abby's Lane , Moms Milk Boutique , and Nicki's Diapers . 

Fitted Diapers

So there are soooo many types of fitted diapers! These are actually pretty popular. And alot of WAHM's get their business going making these diapers. These can come in solids or prints, held together with velcro, snappi, or snaps. The only somewhat downside about these is they usually need a cover. So if you get a cute printed diaper, you might just have to cover it up with a cover. Some popular brands are

Pocket Diapers

These are another type that is pretty popular and my personal favorite. The  reason a lot of people like these is because they have an insert in which you can take out so it makes it easier to clean and makes for a lot quicker drying time. A few common ones are Fuzzibunz , BumGenius 4.0 , and Smartipants .

I need to add, a lot of pocket diapers are one-size. Which means they adjust to fit newborns to toddlers. Which in some opinions, is another great perk.


Hybrids are kind of a mix between cloth and disposable. Most of them have reusable wraps or covers, with disposable or flushable inserts. Even if you go full time cloth, these are nice for vacations and road trips! Two very popular hybrids are gDiapers  and GroVia ...but there are a few different kinds as well. 


If you want to go with simplicity this is usually the way to go. These diapers work almost exactly like disposables ...except you wash them! They are just what they say...all in inserts, no flushables..just one complete diaper. There are sooo many kinds of these...a lot of wahm's make these as well and then their are major brands like BumGenius.

** Hope I gave you a little bit of an idea what types of cloth diapers there are out there! There are other kinds as well but these are the most common! If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email!


  1. You're right, there are SO many options to chose from. I had a cloth diaper boutique and the types of diapers were always changing. It was hard to stock the latest and greatest!

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  2. I've used just about every kind of cloth diaper, and probably my favorites are prefolds and covers.


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