Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Comfy Rumps All-In-One Cloth Diaper Review #fluffymail

Disclosure: I was sent this product free of charge in exchange for an honest, written review. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own and I was not compensated in any other way. 
It's time to reveal another sponsor for the Fluffy Mail Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop! The event starts tomorrow, May 1st, so be sure to come back by to enter to win THREE great diapers here at The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom! 

Our third and final sponsor is Comfy Rumps! Comfy Rumps carries a variety of cloth diapers, as well as trainers, pail liners, wetbags, and other diapering accessories! They will soon have newborn and preemie diapers in their shop as well! Their goal is to provide parents with high quality diapers at an affordable price! 

I was sent the Double Gusseted all-in-one cloth diaper in the Rock N' Roll print to review from Comfy Rumps! This diaper is made with an outer layer of waterproof PUL, an inner layer of soft microsuede, and the sewn in soaker is made of absorbent microfiber. This diaper is a one size diaper that fits approximately 8-35 pounds. 

I really like the style of this diaper. It's an all-in-one but it has a pocket opening in case I need to add extra absorbency. The inner fabric is super soft! Even after a couple of washes it has stayed soft and hasn't gotten pilly at all. It's proven to be really absorbent event without extra inserts added. Isaac has rode in the car for a while in this diaper and napped in this diaper without any leaks. The double gussets are a great feature for keeping leaks away and keeping mess inside!

We get a really good fit with this diaper, no gaps in the legs or waist or anything like that. Isaac wears it on the largest rise setting and a few buttons in on the waist setting. He has a while before he will outgrow this diaper and he's currently 23 pounds. Little man would not turn around for me and let me get a good picture of him in the diaper, but you can see that it fits well around the legs in this picture below. Apparently, pretend cooking is way more interesting than mommy taking pictures! 

Overall I am really enjoying Comfy Rumps cloth diapers! They work great and have some really cute prints! I just love the Rock N' Roll print we were sent to review! Their customer service is also really great! I had a question and emailed them and was sent a response very quickly and they were so kind and helpful! 

Which color or print would you love to have from Comfy Rumps if you win the Fluffy Mail giveaway? 

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Smart Bottoms All-In-One Cloth Diaper Review #fluffymail

I am excited to share with you another Fluffy Mail Sponsor and share a review of their great product with you!! The sponsor is Smart Bottoms and their great product is the Smart One 3.0 all-in-one cloth diaper! 

Smart Bottoms was created by a mom named Christy who is very passionate about cloth diapers! Smart Bottoms cloth diapers are 100% made in the USA. They offer a variety of diaper systems including all-in-ones, AI2s, swim diapers, and trainers. They also offer a variety of cloth diaper accessories such as inserts, detergent, and liners. 

I received a Smart One 3.0 One-Size all-in-one to review from Smart Bottoms. My camera made the diaper look more blue than green but it's definitely a green color in reality. The Smart One 3.0 is made from 100% organic cotton. It fits babies approximately 8-35 pounds and is now made with wider elastic to prevent red marks around the waist and thighs. The inserts is only attached one one side so it can be folded or unfolded for customized absorbency. This also makes for shorter drying times. The Smart One 3.0 comes in an awesome variety of bright colors and prints!

I've been using this diaper on Isaac for 3-4 weeks now. It's been through plenty of washes and plenty of play time! It's been working really well for us and is very absorbent! I really like the insert feature where it's not attached on both sides. I can fold it to fit how much absorbency I need whether it's for nap time or if we are out and about. Plus if he was a really heavy wetter I could add an extra insert underneath that one for even more absorbency! It does cut down on drying time but not a huge amount. With it being an all-in-one I still have to dry it longer than my pocket diapers. I have a few all-in-ones that I just dry for 20 minutes or so longer in the dryer than I do the rest of my diapers. It's not a huge deal, but I'll admit sometimes it can get annoying. 

We get a great fit on the largest setting of the diaper. The elastic area around the legs and waist is nice and soft so it doesn't give him any red marks or cause him to be uncomfortable in any way. He looks super cute in it too, if I may say so myself!

Overall I am very pleased with the Smart Bottoms 3.0 all-in-one cloth diaper! It's a very well made diaper that works great for us! It's an all-in-one so it's easy to use and would also  be great for other caretakers and daddies! 

What's your favorite color or print from Smart Bottoms

Buy It!

Come back Wednesday, May 1st to enter to win one of your own Smart Bottoms Smart One 3.0 all-in-one cloth diaper! 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Red Barn Cloth Diapers Sponsor Spotlight! #fluffymail

The Fluffy Mail Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop starts this coming Wednesday, May 1st! I love cloth diaper giveaway hops so I am super excited about this one! I'm also excited to share with you my first sponsor for the giveaway here on The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a Second Time Mom: Red Barn Cloth Diapers

Jenni, the cottage licensee of Nifty Nappy Cloth Diaper makes the awesome variety of diapers Red Barn Cloth Diapers has to offer! 
Red Barn Cloth Diapers will be giving away a Snappy Swimeaze Swim Diaper during the Fluffy Mail Cloth Diaper hop! These swim diapers come in two great sizes and a variety of great prints! They have soft, hidden elastic to keep baby comfy but keep everything inside and OUT of the pool!

Be sure to check back in a few weeks for my review of the Snappy Swimeaze Swim Diaper!

Come back Wednesday, May 1st for your chance to win your own Snappy Swimeaze swim diaper from Red Barn Cloth Diapers! 

What item or print would you love to have from Red Barn Cloth Diapers

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spark Of Amber Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review & Giveaway! {US Only!}

Baltic Amber is known for being an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and calming product. It is very well known to help babies and toddlers deal with teething pain. Spark Of Amber provides the highest quality amber jewelry, with amber straight from the Baltic region of Lithuania,  for babies, kids, and adults!

I was given the opportunity to review a Baltic amber teething necklace from Spark of Amber for Isaac. It couldn't have come at a better time because he is getting four new teeth right now and has been teething for weeks! Isaac has all the classic teething symptoms. He drools a lot, chews on his fingers and everything else he can get in his mouth, is fussy and gets upset a lot, and sometimes even runs a low grade fever! I hate seeing him so miserable, but I don't love to have to give him motrin or tylenol around the clock if I can help it. I prefer to only give him meds if it's really bad, or at night so he can sleep. 

The Spark of Amber Baltic baby teething necklaces are approximately 13 inches long. Isaac is 17 months old and fits him well. He can get it to his mouth but most of the time he doesn't even notice it so he doesn't mess with it. I take it off of him when he bathes and sleeps. Water and harsh soaps and chemicals can cause it not to work as well, which is why I take it off at bath time. The necklace is very sturdy and strong so I don't worry about it breaking, although I'm sure it's a possibility. But as long as he is wearing it I make sure to be near him, just in case. 

A lot of people who have seen Isaac wearing his amber necklace ask me if I think it really works for teething and fussiness. I always tell them he's a lot less fussy and a lot more happy when he is wearing the necklace.  I obviously can't just ask him how much it helps with his teething pain, but I definitely do notice a difference in his mood when he's wearing the necklace.  

Spark of Amber not only offers great amber teething necklaces for babies but products for adults as well, including amber necklaces and amber earrings! They also offer FREE shipping on all orders within the US! Free shipping is always a huge plus for me when I'm shopping online! Overall I am very pleased with the quality and service of Spark Of Amber! 

Buy It!
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One lucky reader will win a Baltic Amber teething necklace (13") from Spark Of Amber! 
Must be 18+ to enter. Only one entrant per household allowed. Giveaway is open to US residents only. The winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter and emailed. The winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will chosen. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bedwetters and Cloth, No Need to Stop {Guest Post by Cat of Thinking Outside the Sandbox}

Seven years ago I was blessed with an amazing baby who has turned into an even more amazing boy. This boy has had his challenges and keeps us on our toes! My oldest son was adopted, and has special needs.

How I became a mother and my son’s diagnosis of autism are posts unto themselves . One thing that we have encountered in raising this special boy, is not something that only special needs parents have to deal with, bed wetting.

Up until having a child of my own I never understood that this was an issue for many families. Or that it typically sticks around until the first phases of puberty! Now if you have a preschooler who is still working on staying dry, don’t stress, that does not necessarily mean you will have a long term issue.

Knowing that this would be a long term issue for my son, at around 3.5 years old I started researching larger cloth training pants. My son has always been very slender, so there was no problem keeping him in one size diapers for a while, but we got to the point that they just didn’t cut it.

I knew two things. 1. I didn’t want him to feel bad for this genetic medical challenge by being in ‘diapers’ like his baby brother and 2.I wasn’t going to spend hundreds of dollars using disposables for the next 4-6 YEARS.

I research different brands and materials. This was my list:
·         They must be entirely waterproof
·         We like natural fabrics next to the skin
·         They could pull up, with no snaps
·         Thin was important, to fit subtly under PJs
·         I hate stuffing diapers
·         I want my son to be able to be independent with using them

So, 4 years ago I bought 4 pairs of training pants. It cost me around $80. I would have used 1460 pairs of disposable training pants by now, costing about $560.
The training pants I chose and love were from Snap-Ez . These met all my ‘must haves’ and I encourage you to check them out! A truly grassroots small business, Snap-Ez’s quality is second to none. (this is not a compensated endorsement, just my unsolicited feelings).

I would love to hear about companies you have found that make special needs or eco friendly products, please share below.

~Cat. Mother of 4 boys and co-owner of Thinking Outside The Sandbox – a FREE resource for business and blogging moms, owner of Bundlesand Buzz and FlipSize Canada. Cat has been a cloth diaper advocate for 7 years and 4 kids.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday to My Sweet Noah!!

Four years ago today I became a mommy! This sweet boy changed my life for the better and taught me what true, unconditional love really is! Happy Birthday to my amazing, sweet, wild and silly Noah!!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Project Pomona New Cargo Shorts Review & Giveaway!

If you cloth diaper you know that in most instances your baby's bottom is a little "fluffier" than when they are wearing disposable diapers. Which is fine most of the time, but sometimes when putting pants on them you don't always get the best fit or the cutest look. I usually have to buy my son's pants up a size and with a stretchy waist so they will fit him right with cloth diapers. Sometimes that doesn't even work! I was beyond excited when I first heard about Project Pomona pants! Pants that fit over all diapers was awesome! But I had to check them out and see for myself how they really looked over a fluffy cloth diaper! 

I was honored and so excited when I was given the opportunity to try out Project Pomona's new cargo shorts! Just in time for summer, these shorts are made to fit over any diapers, including cloth, and be super comfortable and cute! 

Project Pomona's new cargo shorts are made of 100% cotton twill. They have the same awesome fit that Pomona pants have, and a snap adjustable waist. They come in four different sizes that go all the way up to 3T!  

The first thing I noticed about the shorts was the great quality! They are so well made and the material feels great! They fit Isaac  great, with or without a cloth diaper! When he has a cloth diaper on you can't even tell! There's not a big fluffy bum or bulging around the legs or waist! They fit great around the diaper area and around the waist and I can adjust it if I need to! In these pictures you see of Isaac he is wearing a BumGenius 4.0 cloth diaper underneath the shorts! I just love the cute pockets on the side too! They give the real look of cargo shorts! 

The Project Pomona cargo shorts are not out yet, so you get a early sneak peak of these adorable shorts! They are set to be released next Tuesday, April 23rd! You can choose between khaki and navy colors and a variety of different snap colors to choose from! If you are looking for some great summer shorts for your little one that will fit great over their cloth diaper without making them look too fluffy, Project Pomona Cargo Shorts are a great choice! 

Buy It!
Starting April 23, 2013 you can purchase the Project Pomona Cargo Shorts at http://www.projectpomonashop.com/.
Win It!
One lucky reader will win the Project Pomona Cargo Shorts in their choice of navy or khaki! 
Must be 18+ to enter. Only one entrant per household allowed. Giveaway is open to US residents only. The winner will be chosen at random and emailed. The winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm Giving Up Shampoo! {Taking the #NoPoo Challenge!}

I am a huge Instagram fan! I already took a million pics a day but now Instagram makes it ok to! I follow a lot of people on Instagram too and I kept seeing posts with the hastags  #NoPooChallenge or going #NoPoo. The pictures were of women with gorgeous, silky, non-frizzy hair! So I checked out the hashtags and googled it and discovered that these women had given up using shampoo! I was shocked but interested so I did some more research and asked friends on Facebook if anyone had done this before!

After talking to some friends I realized that actually a few of my friends had already given up shampoo! So I asked them a million questions and did a lot of research for about a day and a half! Here's some things I found out:

  • Shampoo has all kinds of chemicals in it! Take a look at the back of your shampoo bottle! I don't think I recognized any of the names in the ingredients list! 
  • Shampoo strips the natural oils from your scalp. That is why your hair looks greasy and oily less than 24 hours or so after washing it. Your body is making more oil to compensate for the oil lost when you shampoo'd it. 
  • There are two main ways to wash your hair without shampoo- using baking soda and apple cider vinegar and using conditioner only
  • You can't just use any conditioner to wash your hair, but with the right kind, conditioner will cleanse and de-funk your hair, leaving it soft, clean, and less frizzy!
I wasn't sure it would work but I knew that all those women in the Instagram pictures had the most gorgeous hair so I decided it would be worth a try! 

It has been exactly one week since I stopped using shampoo and I am loving it! I decided to try the conditioner only method since I didn't have any apple cider vinegar at the time. Everywhere I read said to get a conditioner that was sulfate free, like Suave Naturals or VO5, which is awesome because both of these are super cheap. So I picked up a bottle of Suave Naturals and gave it a try! Now everywhere I read says you will go through a transition period, where your hair will be a little extra oily because it is making the extra oil like usual to compensate for the oil lost when shampooing. They say this transition period can last a few days or a few weeks and not to be alarmed if your hair is like that. I went through this transition period for about 3 days. I just had my sister braid my hair for me so it wasn't as obvious. 

After the 3rd day my hair felt so soft, not greasy at all, and not frizzy! I was so excited! 

I've continued to use just conditioner when washing my hair for the past week. It's been working great for me so far! A lot of people who go No Poo say they can go days without washing their hair and it doesn't get greasy, but I've had to wash mine pretty much daily, because I work out almost every day and get super sweaty. My hair feels healthy and soft and doesn't get tangles like it used to! I don't have to use any product on my hair like I used to to keep it tangle free and frizz free! I just wash, let it air dry as much as possible, blow dry it the rest of the way, and then style as I want to! 

I'm no professional on this and I'm still learning about it as I go. I've only been doing it a week too so I'm not sure how it will continue to go with summertime and sand and all the fun that comes with summer!  Here are some links I found helpful that you may also:





Have you given up shampoo? Or would you ever consider it? Tell me you thoughts! Like I said, I'm not pro but I'll try to answer any questions you have also! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Cloth Diaper Troubleshooting {Why are my diapers leaking?!}

Last week I started noticing that Isaac's diapers were leaking. At first it was just a little wet around his legs or belly but then his pants would have a big wet spot or he'd wake up soaked. I've been cloth diapering for three years total now between the two boys and I was stumped as to why they were leaking! We've used the same diapers without fail for over a year now and I've had the same wash routine for over a year, never with any problems! So what was causing my diapers to leak?

These were my possibilities:

Buildup- Although I have been using the same wash routine for over a year now, I knew it was always a possibility that my diapers could get buildup. My diapers didn't stink but that's not the only sign of buildup. Buildup can cause diapers to repel moisture and leak. 

Worn Out Diapers- I have had most of my diapers for over a year also, so they could just be getting old and worn out. There was the possibility that they were coming delaminated, which means the waterproof cover of the diaper is detaching from the diaper itself. That can also cause leaking. Or they were just getting old and worn and were losing some of their absorbency. 

Fit- Isaac's been growing again, he's gotten taller and thinned out some. So this was very much a possibility. I've been putting on his diapers fairly tight because that's how they fit best, but now that he was bigger, they may have been too tight which can also cause leaking. 

So which of these was causing my diapers to leak?

After some investigation of my diapers I ruled out delamination. They seemed to still be working just fine as far as wear. I only have about one diaper that I would consider really worn out. So I decided it was likely a mix of both the fit and some buildup causing the leaking. 

What did I do to fix the problem?

I don't love stripping my diapers and don't unless I absolutely have to. So I decided to try just a hot water strip first to see if that helped. All I did was put all of my CLEAN diapers in the wash with really hot water. I washed them about 3 times with hot water and then rinsed a few times with cold. Then did my normal drying routine. What do ya know, it worked! I was glad not to have to strip using any harsh soaps. Good ol' hot water did the trick! 

I also worked on the fit around my now much skinnier baby. Even though he's skinnier I've found that if I put them just a snap looser than I was, that they fit better and don't cause any leaking or wetness around his legs or belly!

So after some investigation and trial and error,  I was able to stop my diapers from leaking, which was a huge relief! 

Have your cloth diapers ever leaked? What did you do about it? Are you having leaking issues now? What do you think is causing the problem?

I'm a little late, but I'm linking up with My Cloth Diaper Stash for the weekly Cloth Diaper Blog Hop! Have a good cloth diaper troubleshooting blog post? Link up too! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cloth For A Cause Build Your Stash Blogger Signups!

I am really excited to be taking part in such a great cause with something I am really passionate about- cloth diapers! I love helping in any way I can and you can help too!

Cloth for a Cause is a cloth diaper lending organization that is 100% staffed by unpaid volunteers. We primarily service Canada, but we've also been known to aid struggling families in the United States, as well. Like most charitable type of organizations, we desperately need help to meet the demand. We need help with both cash donations and material donations like cloth diapers, KAM snaps, and 1/4 inch swim elastic. Some of our chapters are getting so many applications for assistance that they are unable to keep up with the demand, so diapers are desperately needed... particularly in Nova Scotia. 100% of all cash donations go directly to Cloth for a Cause.

So what does this mean for bloggers?

It means that you can help Cloth for a Cause out by taking place in the Cloth for a Cause Build Your Stash Bash, hosted by Cloth Diaper Addicts, Leettle Baby, and Viva Vel Toro.
Cloth for a Cause Built Your Stash Bash (and Diaper Drive)
It's going to be amazing and huge. We've got some amazing sponsors lined up, including Cozy Bums, Nicki's Diapers, Lagoon Baby, AppleCheeks, Diapers by Chris, and more! 100% of the funds raised go directly to Cloth for a Cause.

How Do You Get Involved?

We're looking for bloggers to participate in the event. Bloggers can have up to three links on follow pages, available by donation. The prices are:
  • $3 (1 link, no announcement)
  • $3 (2 links, announcement post)
  • $5 (2 links, no announcement)
  • $5 (3 links, announement post)
  • $7 (3 links, no announcement post)
Of course, if you'd like to donate more, you're welcome to! We also would love it if you'd repost this announcement, regardless of your donation amount. Please take the image from above and load it on your site to publicize. We want the Build Your Stash Bash (and diaper drive) to be a success. All you need to do is sign up and join a Facebook group to be kept up to date with the event.  

NeoCell and Ellie Fitness Giveaway! Shaping Up For Spring Giveaway Hop! US only! #shapingup4spring

Welcome to the Shaping Up For Spring Giveaway Event!

We are a few weeks into Spring and as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it's time to shape up! Here in Georgia we are already reaching the 80s so I really have no excuse not to get outside and get back in shape! What better way to make the act of exercising more enjoyable than giveaways!?  The Blogging Mamas Network is hosting the Shaping Up for Spring Hop from April 11th through the 25th to motivate you to get active and healthy!
Be sure to hop around to all of the participating bloggers, in the linky below my giveaway, as they have some great prizes to share with you!  

Don't forget the GRAND PRIZE which includes, a 3 meal box from Hello Fresh, Aurorae Yoga Apparel and Yoga Mat, a Accessory Pouch and Hair Bands from Active Accessories, and the best way to get your greens from NewGreens Organic!

Here at The Not-So-Secret Confessions I have two great products to give away to one lucky winner!

One lucky reader will win a tub of NeoCell Collagen Sport recovery drink mix

One fitness outfit of choice from Ellie!

Must be 18+ to enter. Only one entrant per household allowed. Giveaway is open to US residents only! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ellie Fitness Apparel Sponsor Spotlight #shapingup4spring

It's time to share another sponsor for the Shaping Up For Spring giveaway event, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network! I am excited to announce that Ellie Fitness Apparel is our next sponsor for the event!

Ellie is where fashion meets fitness! They know you love to look good and they know how busy life can get! At Ellie they create unique and trendy fitness apparel that can be worn working out or on the go! They believe that the best way to stay motivated to be fit and active is when you feel good! And when you look good you feel good! I must say I completely agree!

They carry everything from yoga pants, to capri leggings, razorback tanks, and t-shirts!

Be sure to check back in the next few weeks for a review on Ellie apparel and how it makes me feel and if it helps motivate me to stay fit and active! 

In the meantime, you have a chance to win your own Ellie outfit! During the Shaping Up For Spring giveaway event, Ellie will be giving away one outfit of winner's choice in the prize package! So be sure to come back starting tomorrow for your chance to win!!

Which is your favorite outfit or clothing item at Ellie?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NeoCell Collagen Sport Ultimate Recovery Sponsor Spotlight! #shapingup4spring

I'm excited to be participating in the Shaping Up for Spring giveaway event, starting this Thursday, April 11! This event is hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network and is featuring all things health and fitness! I have two great sponsors for this event, and I'm excited to tell you about the first one, NeoCell, today! 

Right now I'm doing the Couch to 5K program. It has always been a goal of mine to run a 5k. I never really knew how much I'd enjoy running but I'm really loving it! Naturally, when I'm done running sometimes my muscles are sore and tired. NeoCell Collagen Sport is a sports drink that helps your body to recover, refuel, regenerate, and replenish. 

I was sent the NeoCell Collagen Sport drink mix to review for this event. Like I said, since I'm running a lot more now my muscles can get tired and sore sometimes. NeoCell Collagen Sport helps my muscles to recover from the workout and supports strength and flexibility of my muscles, tendons, and ligaments. NeoCell Collagen Sport contains Whey Protein Isolate which helps the body refuel after a strenuous  workout. This sports drink can also be a good source of energy for people who are constantly on the go! Each serving of Collagen Sport provides a great source of the daily vitamins and minerals we all need! 

I've only had the NeoCell Collagen Sport drink for about a week now so I haven't really had the chance to do a full review on it, but that is definitely coming soon, so be on the lookout! I received the french vanilla flavor. It comes in a powder form with a scoop and you just put one scoop into a tall glass of water or into your favorite smoothie! I've tried it with just water and I'll admit, I don't love the taste. I'm going to try it in a smoothie this week to see if it tastes a little better. I'm excited to see if drinking this after every workout helps with my running performance and workouts!

Buy It!
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One lucky reader will win their own jar of NeoCell Collagen Sport drink mix in the Shaping Up For Spring Giveaway Event!

 What is your favorite form of exercise? How would NeoCell Collagen Sport drink mix help YOU? 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Making Some Changes- The Musings of a Cheese Lovin' Mama Going Dairy Free!

I am 25 years old and haven't ever had any big deal health issues. I think I am pretty healthy and in pretty good shape. I work out  at least 3 times a week, and I drink lots of water. But I've started to have some health issues that aren't life threatening or anything, but are forcing me to make some changes in my lifestyle. 

About a month ago I thought I had a stomach bug. I wasn't throwing up but kept having to go, if you know what I mean. I felt fine other than that. This kept up for over a week, and then went on for two weeks! I finally decided to see a doctor about it. I felt completely fine, but every time I ate anything or just at random times of the day I would get some stomach cramps and have to go to the bathroom. The doctor told me I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome and gave me two types of medicine, one to stop the diarrhea and one to control the cramping and other symptoms of IBS. 

I wasn't exactly convinced it was IBS, but I figured I'd give the meds a try to see if they helped. I was desperate for some relief. The meds did help some. The diarrhea medicine stopped my symptoms almost immediately. I also started taking some probiotics to help my stomach heal and they helped a lot. My symptoms went away for about two weeks but then returned all of the sudden! 

I tried the meds again but I noticed that they started to make it so I couldn't go at all and would give me awful cramps from not being able to go! So I took matters into my own hands. I noticed my symptoms were worse when I ate dairy and greasy foods. For about a week I tried to just cut back on the greasy foods but was still having symptoms. So after much contemplation and a little sadness, I've decided to go dairy free to see if that is what is causing the symptoms. 

 I LOVE cheese, and I love a bowl of cereal with milk. I love dairy! So this is quite tough for me. But I've been using Pinterest and some other good resources online and finding some good replacements for dairy! I found some delicious meals that are dairy free too! I've been dairy free for about a week now and guess what, no symptoms! This makes me a little sad, because it could in fact mean I have a dairy intolerance, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. The good thing is, going dairy free has caused me to eat a lot healthier! I have to think about what I'm eating! I've been eating a lot more vegetables and fruit which is always a good thing! I'm sure I'll get used to being dairy free, but I miss cheese the most! Oh how I love cheese! 

I'll update again on how being dairy free is going in the next few weeks. I'm curious to see if my symptoms return at all as I continue to be dairy free! 

Have you ever given up a major food item for health reasons or for a family member? How did it go? Was it hard? If you are dairy-free I'd love to hear any tips you have! 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sappy Mama Syndrome! Do you have it too?!

We are a little over two weeks away from Noah's birthday. My sweet boy will be four years old! Around this same time every year I catch the Sappy Mama Syndrome!

What is the Sappy Mama Syndrome you ask? Well, first I catch myself looking at old pictures and videos of my boys when they were little babies. Then I find myself getting teary eyed every time my boys learn something new or do something sweet. I reminisce over little clothing that doesn't fit anymore.I listen to sappy songs.  I even find myself sneaking in their rooms to watch them sleep at night!

Time just goes by way to fast doesn't it?! I have the hardest time believing that it has been four whole years since I became a mother! But it has been, and if these four years have gone by as fast as they have, I'm sure the rest of the years will go by even faster! He's going to be a teenager before I know! Life is really like that Kenny Chesney song "Don't Blink". You blink and it's gone. But at the same time watching them grow is so fun and exciting! Thank goodness for that or I'd be a sad, depressed mess! 

So now you see why I have Sappy Mama Syndrome?! It's so hard to fight it! Especially each year when my babies birthdays roll around. 

Do you get Sappy Mama Syndrome too? Do you get it around your little one's birthday or at other times too?