Thursday, December 31, 2009

STILL dunno whats wrong with me :(

So I went to the urologist yesterday. We waited for 45 min and he talked to us like 5. I didn't really get any answers. He gave me some meds to try for a month. The meds are for overactive bladder. Which I don't think thats what it is. And so far they really aren't helping that much. But we'll see. I guess I should give it some time. Its frustrating though cuz I really wanted some answers. He just scribbled a prescription and went on his way. Dumb doctor. Ugh makes me so mad.

But anyways, today is Brian's bday and I want it to be great for him. I've got a roast in the crock pot and after dinner we are going to Angela and Tre's to celebrate! Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tatted up!!

Ok so Brian has been begging for another tattoo for his bday and I kept saying no. But yesterday I decided what the heck, let him get one. So we went yesterday to get ideas and prices and I ended up getting one too!!! We got Noah's name. I got mine on my ankle and he got his on his arm. They both look really good and I love it! I am glad I decided to get one too. It has a very special meaning to it. Cuz Noah is my life. He's part of me, just like this tattoo now. It hurt like hell though! No more until I have another kiddo haha! Here's some pics!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Come and Gone

Christmas was yesterday. It was nice. We had a very peaceful, happy day. I got so much stuff I couldn't believe it! Noah also got spoiled lol. He loves all his new toys.

Now Christmas has come and gone and Brian's bday and new years is next. Not sure what were gonna do. We were gonna have Noah stay the night with my parents but we changed our minds real quick after yesterday. Its just to hectic over there and he's going through this seperation anxiety and I just don't want to put him through that. So I gotta figure out a way to make Brian's bday fun, but also have Noah. We can do it. Just got some brainstorming to do. :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Christmas is in two days. Man its been a whirlwind of a day. We got a virus this morning on the computer. From stupid facebook. Ugh. Luckily, Angela's hubby knew how to fix it and now its back to normal. But I've been all day without internet. Ugh

And then this afternoon Brian's aunt, dad, and stepmom came over to deliver gifts. They hit it right on the nail for Brian and I. But were way out in left field with Noah. It was kinda sad lol. They got him this stuffed Noah's ark. And some books. Hate to say it, but he'll NEVER play with any of that. Well, he might read the books when he's two. But the stuffed Ark is just gonna collect dust. I really thought they'd do better. But nope. Not so much. But they got us a mircrowave! And Brian's aunt got me a slow cooker!! I was so happy! Oh and I got a month free tanning from them! Whoo hoo! Now I will be sexy and tan in about a month!!

Ok so here's the best part of my day. I am reading the Twilight saga. I'm on New Moon right now. I am totally and ridiculously in LOVE with Edward Cullen! Like I feel like I am having an imaginary affair! With a vampire at that!!! Its insane. Like when I read that book, I feel like I AM Bella Swan. I haven't been this sucked into a book in a while. Its so amazing. Like sometimes I have to step away from the book and tell myself..this is not reality. Its a FICTION novel. haha. And to think I said I wasn't going to get sucked into the Twilight madness! HA!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just Fix me!

Ugh. So I've been suffering from symptoms of a UTI for like a month now, but no UTI. I've been tested twice now. Basically I feel like I have to pee 24/7. Its so uncomfortable. And SOO damn annoying. I've been researching alot and it could be a number of things. Idk what the hell it is, but I wish they would just fix me! My gyno said she would refer me to a urologist yesterday and her nurse is supposed to call me today. But guess what? Its already 3pm. Grrr. I just want to be fixed! I want to stop feeling this way. I want to be better. :(

Take Back Tuesday!

Me and Brian when we were still dating!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

One week till Christmas!

Christmas is in exactly one week. I am sick with a bad cold/flu. I feel like crap. Luckily Noah shows no signs of getting least not yet. He's had the flu shot so maybe that will keep him from getting it. He started talking this week. He now says ba ba. And I think he'll start saying da da soon too. I've seen him mouth it a few times. I'm so excited for his first Christmas! Hopefully I'll be bettter by then!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hectic Holidays

Sorry its been another week since I've posted. Its been so insane lately. I finally finished school Thursday. Thank God. That shit was getting old. Now I have a 3 week break. I've been trying to get all my shopping done and presents wrapped and Christmas cards sent. But its been hard. I can't figure out what to buy Brian. I can't decide which pictures to use for the frames I bought. I keep forgetting stuff when I go shopping. Ugh. It's frustrating. I'm just ready to be done so I can really enjoy the holidays.

I took some cute pics of Noah yesterday for the frames. Just thought I'd share those. :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

What a week!

I'm so sorry I have not been updating regularly. We have had a hell of a week this week. Wed afternoon our toilet got backed up and the plumbers ended up making our toilet explode basically and crap was literally an inch deep in our bathroom and hallway. It was disgusting! So we are living at my mother in laws while they are cleaning our appartment and replacing the rug. It was awful. It sucks not being able to stay at home but we are making it. I may go to my parents this weekend while Brian works, because I can only take so much of MIL. haha. I will try to update more regularly. With the holidays and school finishing up I'm pretty busy, but I will def try. Happy Friday!