Saturday, September 29, 2012

Earth's Best 1st and 2nd Foods Seasonal Vegetables Review & Giveaway!

Baby's first foods are all about learning how to eat and introducing new flavors! Now that summer is over a whole new array of vegetables and fruits are in season and it's the perfect time to introduce your baby to a variety of new flavors!

Earth's Best carries all of these seasonal fruits and veggies in different varieties and combinations! And like always, they are all organically grown without any potentially harmful pestisides or herbicides. Some of the seasonal vegetables they carry are Squash and Sweet Potato (1st foods) and Carrots and Apples (2nd Foods)!

Isaac doesn't eat much pureed food anymore. He's much more into finger foods now but when he does eat pureed he really gobbles up foods like carrots, apples, and sweet potatoes! They are his favorite! With Earth's Best I know I'm giving him food that is straight from the garden and grown without any harmful chemicals! I feel good knowing that I am giving my baby healthy foods without having to worry about any other products getting into his system!

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Find Earth's Best products at most local grocery stores!
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One lucky reader will win an assorment of Earth's Best 1st and 2nd foods seasonal vegetables!

Traveling with Cloth Diapers!

We've traveled quite a bit this summer, four trips to be exact, and I've taken both disposables and cloth on these trips and suprisingly I have found cloth to be a lot easier than disposables! I know a lot of people worry about using cloth diapers while traveling so I thought I'd share my tips and tricks for making it easy!

1. Disposable liners or not, it can still be easy! On the trips that I took my cloth diapers I didn't bring liners because we were only gone for a few days. It was still really easy! I will say, if you are going to be gone for a long period of time and/or not going to have access to a washing machine disposable liners are probably a good idea.

2. Wetbags are your friend! I brought my pail liner with me on my trips but I also brought the few wetbags that I have too! And I got a lot of good use out of them! Not only are they great for the diaper bag while out, but they work well when you have that major stinky diaper and aren't going to be washing for another day or two! I would just stick all the yucky diapers in a wetbag and then stick the wetbag in the pail liner so that the smell would be super contained!

3. If you can, wash!  I didn't wash either time that I took my diapers with us but I would have if we were going to be gone long enough. I had access to a washing machine both times and I could have just brought a little bit of detergent to use and washed like I do at home. To me it is still easier than running to the store before a big trip and spending the money on a whole box of disposables you'll use just that one time. I don't know about you but the last thing I want to do is run to the store when I'm packing for a big trip! I already feel like I have to pack my whole house when traveling with two small kids!

Have you traveled with cloth diapers before? What did you use? Did you wash? Any tips for other moms planning to travel with cloth?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Woolzies Dryer Balls Review & Giveaway!

I'm fairly new to wool dryer balls. I wasn't sure what all the hype was about over them and I was fine with using my dryer sheets. I knew they left some residue in the dryer and on my clothes but it wasn't anything noticable so I wasn't too worried. So when I was given the opportunity to try Woolzies Dryer Balls I was excited because I wanted to see what all the hype was really about! Let's just say I'll never go back to dryer sheets again!! 

Woolzies is a family owned business in Southern New York. The dryer balls are handmade of pure wool. Each box of Woolzies contains 6 all natural wool dryer balls. Wool dryer balls save time and money by cutting down on drying time and they act as a natural fabric softener as well! 

I definitely see what all the hype is about now that I've actually tried these wool dryer balls! They really do shorten drying time! Especially with my big loads like towels and cloth diapers! Yep, that's right! They are cloth diaper friendly! So now I don't have to worry about buildup from the dryer sheets I used on my regular clothes getting on my cloth diapers!  Another thing I like about my Woolzies dryer balls is that they make my clothes feel super soft and fluffy! Every other time I have not used a dryer sheet when I dried my clothes they came out crunchy feeling. But not with Woolzies dryer balls! 

I will never go back to dryer sheets again! Woolzies dryer balls make it so easy to save money, save time, and save the environment! 

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Balm Baby Diaper Essentials Kit Review!

The Fall Fluff Giveaway just ended and one of my awesome sponsors was Balm Baby!  They offer so many awesome products that are all natural and cloth diaper safe! I was given the opportunity to review the Balm Baby Diaper Essentials Kit which includes 32oz Diaper Balm, 9oz Juice Those Wipes, 2.7oz Sanitize Those Hands, and 1/2oz Balm Baby-The Little One!

The Balm Baby Diaper Balm is made with ingredients like coconut oil, chamomille, and lavender. I don't usually have a lot of luck with the "Greener" or more natural diaper creams so I was anxious to give this a try. Isaac has been getting red really easy lately so it was the perfect opportunity to try this. I rubbed some on him at night before bed and much to my surprise the red was completely gone the next morning! I was so excited I even bragged about it to some of my cloth diapering facebook friends! "The Little One" is the exact same thing but the perfect size for the diaper bag! So now if Isaac starts to get a little red while we are out all I have to do is rub a little on him when I change his diaper and I don't have to worry about him getting an all out rash! This diaper balm has far exceeded my expectations!

The next item I tried was the "Juice Those Wipes!" mixture. It is made with ingredients like Taylor's liquid soap, chamomille, lavender, and tea tree oil. All you have to do is pour about a teaspoon into about 32oz of water and stir! Then you add that to 18-24 wipes and your done! I love how easy it is to mix up! There's no waiting for anything to dissolve which is super awesome! It's also full of natural moisturizers so baby's bum stays soft and clean! It has a citrus like smell to it which is a bit strong for me but it's not super strong to where I can't take the smell. 

Then once you clean baby and get him/her a new diaper what do you do?! Clean those hands! The next item in the Diaper Essentials Kit is the "Sanitize Those Hands!" This stuff is awesome! It's all natural and kills 99.9% of germs with only 4 ingredients! (62% ethanol, macadamia nut oil, lavender and orange oil) These four items kill the germs and leave your hands feeling super soft! Plus it's safe to use on little toddler and baby hands! This also had a strong citrus scent to it, which most of my other family members liked, but I found it to be a little strong. It doesn't linger for very long though so that's nice. I really like how soft this leaves my hands feeling and it's not a greasy or oily feeling either. It's the perfect size to fit right in my diaper bag so I take it with me everywhere! 

The Balm Baby Diaper Essentials Kit is awesome!  I absolutely love the diaper balm and it will definitely be purchasing some more when I run out! The wipes juice and hand sanitizer work great! And with their super great prices the Balm Baby Diaper Essentials Kit is the perfect accessory to your cloth diaper stash! 

Buy It!

Disclaimer: These items were sent to me free of charge in exchange for a written and honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own and I was not compensated in any other way. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm One of THOSE Crappy Moms Too!

You may have seen it buzzing around the mom blogs... the crappy mom posts! After dealing with the unnecessary drama of the "mommy wars", Jen from Life with Levi wrote a blog post on all the ways she's a crappy mom and asked other moms to share. So I'm going to share too! 

  • Noah was formula fed!
  • Noah was in disposable diapers until he was 7 months old!
  • I still sometimes put disposables on Isaac just because! 
  • I let Noah watch entirely too much tv.
  • My 10 month old has had a taste of ice cream! :0 
  • I let both my boy sleep on their belly as newborns. 
  • I've let both my boys cry for a few minutes at a time before they fell asleep. 
  • Noah is super tall but I kept him rear-facing until he was 2 years old and outgrew the rear-facing limits. I'm sure he'd rather have a broke leg than a broke neck if anything ever happened. 
  • We'll also keep Isaac rear-facing until he reaches the limits of the car seat.
  • I suck at coming up with creative activities and fun stuff for the kids and I to do. 
  • I never co-slept with Noah and only did for about 4 months with Isaac. I like sleeping with my hubby better :) 
Wanna know what else I do though? I kiss boo-boos, and give hugs, fix meals and play trains. My kids know they have a mommy and daddy who love them and will always be there for them. 

So let's squash the mommy wars and be confident in ourselves and be willing to accept those who are different from us and do things differently! Because we're all just trying to do our best. 

Don't they look like they have the most crappy mom ever? ;) 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Breastfeeding - When It's Not Always Fun

So Isaac will be 10 months old tomorrow. Time has been flying! We are still breastfeeding and it's been great! We haven't really had any problems to deal with thus far. But I've been struggling a bit with it for the past few months. I hope I don't get flamed for this but here goes nothing. 

Isaac is VERY attached to me. In fact that is an understatement. If I'm anywhere around he only wants me to hold him, pick him up, feed him, etc. If I'm not around he cries pretty much the entire time I'm away for whoever is watching him, including his own daddy. At first I thought it was just separation anxiety but if it is it's been going on for over 5 months! Part of that is anytime he gets upset or tired or anything is bothering him whatsoever, he wants to comfort nurse. Which is all fine I guess, except for when he's doing it all day long. And then if I don't nurse him right when he wants it he screams bloody murder until I do nurse him. It get's exhausting. 

I nurse him on demand, but that turns out to be 6 or more times a day. And he's not nursing for like 20 minutes at a time to get his belly full every time. It's like a minute or two here, then twenty  minutes later for another minute or two, then when brother knocks him down and he's upset he wants to nurse for another minute or two. And like I said earlier..he screams until he gets it. I always said I wanted to let him self wean but when lately I feel like I'm over it. And that sounds so terrible when I read what I just wrote but it's honestly how I feel right now! Every time someone else watches him, even for just a little while, he cries almost the whole time for them. So I don't even get much of a break to re-energize and re-focus. It's hard. 

I love breastfeeding and I know it's what's best for him. It's been great and I will continue to nurse him until he is at least a year old. So I guess this is more of a vent than anything. It's not always easy. And it's not always the pain that's tough. Sometimes it can just be straight up exhausting. 

Have you every had a period of time when your little one wanted to nurse all day long or comfort nursed a lot? What did you do? Any tips, suggestions, thoughts are very appreciated! 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Months Old!!

My precious baby boy is 10 months old today! I am seriously in shock that he's only 2 months away from his first birthday! Time flies when you're having fun! 

At ten months Isaac is: 

  • sleeping 11-12 hrs straight at night and napping twice a day (1-2 hrs each) 
  • still breastfeeding a lot! ( that's another blog post soon to come!)
  • eating solid finger foods 3 times a day
  • crawling 
  • pulling up and cruising
  • starting to stand independently! 
I'm not sure of his weight exactly but the last time I weighed him on our home scale he was about 21 pounds! He's such a cutie and a happy, snuggly boy! We love him so much! 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Night Time Diapering- Fitted with Wool Cover!

So we finally got around to using the fitted with wool the other night! After learning how to wash and lanolize the wool and letting it lay flat to dry I was finally able to give it a try! For the fitted I used a Bububebe Fitted Diaper that I purchased used off a diaper swap. 

My first thought was that the diaper with the wool over it was really bulky! I had to ask a friend what kind of pajamas would work with these. I wasn't sure anything would fit over the wool! But actually footed sleepers fit really well over it so it wasn't really a big deal. I was a bit worried about whether or not he was comfortable but it didn't seem to bother him. 

So he went to bed and woke up once that night. I was sorta worried it was the wool but it turns out his teeth were just bothering him (he's got 4 coming in at the same time!). So he went about 12 hours in the fitted and wool. When he woke up that morning we had HORRIBLE ammonia smell going on!! 

Isaac in his wool cover!
Even though we had the horrible ammonia smell we didn't have any leaks. His skin was dry and the outside was dry. The diaper was soaked but everywhere else was dry, which was awesome! I think the ammonia was from an issue with the diaper and it's previous owner. So I soaked it and stripped it and we'll give it another try in the next few days. 

Overall, I'm not in love with how bulky the wool was but I do like how well it kept everything in. I still think I prefer my BumGenius Freetimes at night but I'm going to give the wool at least one more try. 

Next night time experiment will be a fitted with a PUL cover! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why I Love My Wrap!

I love babywearing but wraps completely intimidated me! I thought there was no way that I could wrap my baby up around me without dropping him or him falling out of the wrap. But then I started to look into something a little cooler for these HOT summer months in Georgia and I kept going back to look at the wraps. A lot of my friends recommended the Wrapsody Bali Breeze wrap to me because it is made of a gauze material making it one of the cooler wraps. So after seeing the very reasonable price I decided to give a wrap a try!!

I was in love with the wrap when it came! It was gorgeous! But would I LOVE using it? Would I be able to figure out how to wrap Isaac? I was so scared of dropping him! 

So I hit up  You Tube with tutorials for wrapping. A front wrap was pretty easy but Isaac is 20lbs and I prefer him on my back, so now it was time to try back wraps. I looked into different types of back wraps and started to try a few. It took me about three days to actually get him wrapped! Every time I would try he would start wiggling and fussing and I would get scared he'd fall and give up. But I finally got it and from then on it was love! 

But this post is called "Why I Love My Wrap" not how I started wrapping so here's my list of why I love it! 

  1. Comfortable! Since with a wrap you can adjust it how you like, I find it so comfortable! I can put Isaac as high up as I want to on my back and in the exact spot that I want so that I'm comfortable the entire time I'm wearing him! 
  2. It really is cooler! I love my soft structured carriers, don't get me wrong! But unfortunately, they can be HOT! Anything is hot in these humid Georgia summers! This wrap is actually a bit cooler! It's more breathable and not as heavy so neither Isaac and I get as hot in it! 
  3. It's really not as hard as it looks! Once I got brave enough to try some different wraps I realized that it's not nearly as hard as it looks! There are some variations that are super simple! Like simple as in making a seat for baby and then wrapping around you and tying in a knot! Now there are a few that are a bit more difficult and take some practice but practice makes perfect! I am getting better and better at the difficult carries the more I try them! 
  4. I love having my baby close to me! It's so nice to have Isaac snuggled up to me but still be hands free to do what I need to. Babywearing is not only convenient but it is special and fun! It keeps you and your baby close and secure! I absolutely love it! 
Here's some Instagram photos of Isaac and I with my wrap! 

Do you own a wrap or have you ever tried one? Love it or hate it?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Mom Blog Monday- The End

I am sad to announce that we have decided to end Mom Blog Monday. After some feedback from you and some thinking of my own, I've decided that now is the time to say goodbye. Unfortunately, it's just not getting the numbers that it used to and many of our blogs are going in different directions and gaining followers in other ways that keep us very busy. 

Thank so much to all of you who have linked up and made Mom Blog Monday a huge success for over two years! I hope you'll still come and visit my blog as I will do yours! 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Night Time Diapering- Night Two!

So I decided to give something else a try in my night time adventures. Last night I put Isaac in a BumGenius Freetime AIO to see how that worked. They have flaps that open up but are still connected to the diaper so I opened up the flaps and laid a newborn BG insert inside it. The put the flaps back over top of the insert. 

This turned out to a bit trimmer than double stuffing a BumGenius 4.0 pocket diaper. I really liked that. Then I put a fleece liner down so he wouldn't feel wet. He woke up with no leaks and his skin was dry!

I think I really prefer the Freetime over the 4.0 at night. The trimness is the big deciding factor since both held up so well. Next up to try is fitteds and wool! 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Night Time Diapering Experimenting! Night One!

So if you read my post a few days ago I'm doing a little big of experimenting with night diapering. I have just been using disposables on Isaac at night until now. I wanted to give it a shot so I purchased a fitted diaper and a wool cover to try. But I got tired of waiting for my fluffy mail to come so I decided to go ahead and give night time diapering a try--with a pocket diaper! 

So my first go round at night diapering was with a BumGenius 4.0 One-Size pocket diaper! If you aren't familiar with these they have a waterproof PUL outer layer and a pocket on the inside to stuff inserts. So what I did was double stuff the pocket with two microfiber inserts and put some fleece on the outside of the pocket so he wouldn't feel wet. It was a tad bit bulky but not too bad. 

I was super nervous about him waking up but he slept all night in the diaper! When he woke up the next morning his bed, pajamas, and SKIN was dry!! The diaper inserts were soaked but the fleece kept all the moisture away from his skin! I was so pleased! 

My fitted diaper and wool came this week so we'll be giving that a try here in the next few days! 

Do you use pockets at night? What's your tried and true method for night time diapering? 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Best Cloth Diapers for Your Skeptical Caretakers to Try!



You did it!  You found the bumGenius Rainbow Color on my blog.  Now, go back to the Rafflecopter Form and enter the above color name for my Entry! 
Good luck on the giveaway!
We aren't always able to be with our babies. Even if you are a stay-at-home mom sometimes you have to go places and leave your baby with someone else. Other people take care of our babies at times and that means they have to change their diaper. But let's face it, not everyone is excited and informed about cloth diapers. Some people even think it's gross! So when you have to have someone else take care of your baby, what are the best cloth diapers for them to try? 

I have compiled a small list of what diapers I think are good for skeptical caretakers to try. Whether it's daddy, a grandparent, a daycare worker, or just an occasional babysitter, these cloth diapers are pretty fool proof and will be easy for your caretaker to use! 

Thirsties Duo All-In-One

Thirsties Duo AIOs are extremely simple to use. They come in aplix or snaps so if you need really simple aplix is the way to go. There's no inserts to stuff, no pockets to worry about, and nothing to fold. The diapers goes on exactly like a disposable would. It's pretty much foolproof. Plus they are made of a PUL outer layer and a microfiber terry inner layer so they are super absorbent. 

These are a new favorite among some cloth diapering parents. I have one and I really like it and I think it would be very simple for a skeptical care taker to use. It is a little bit different than a typical AIO because it has two inserts that are attached. They overlap each other very easily and then the diaper goes right on baby. These also come in aplix so will go on very similar to a disposable diaper. They are also super absorbent and work great for naps and play time both! 

A lot of my fellow cloth diapering parents might not think this would be a simple diapering system for skeptical caretakers but I think it's definitely simple enough if you do it the easy way. When I used prefolds and covers I could never the snappis or pins right and it would either be too loose or just not fit him right. So I would just lay the prefold  into the cover and then wrap the cover on him. I could even fold it down so that it was extra absorbent in the front. It was super easy and worked well for us. I think it would be easy for a caretaker to use. You could even lay the prefolds inside the covers before you left so all they would have to do is wrap the diaper and cover around baby! Plus this option is probably one of the cheaper options if your on a tight budget! 

Did you have skeptical caretakers who don't want to use cloth diapers? How did you convince them to try? What diapers did you give them to use? 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Formula Free Baby Clothing Review & Giveaway!

Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing and quite an accomplishment and should be celebrated! Formula Free Clothing promotes breastfeeding in an elegant and super cute way! 

Formula Free was created by Julie, a breastfeeding mother, who created the brand to promote breastfeeding. She wanted breastfeeding to be encouraged and seen as an accomplishment instead of being discouraged. Julie says, " Be proud to have your baby Formula Free and breastfed for even the smallest amount of time!  Be proud of the fact that you breastfeed!  Honestly why shouldn't you?  Its a wonderful thing to do and you are amazing for doing it! "

They have outfits for babies, toddlers, and even mamas! 

I was sent the N.I.P onesie to review. In case you don't know, N.I.P stands for Nursing In Public. The onesie actually says "N.I.P Warning Nursing in Public" It's so adorable! I love putting it on Isaac when we go places to proudly share that he is a nursing baby! All my fellow nursing moms thinks it's so cute and want one for their babies! The onesie is super soft and fits Isaac perfectly! The applique is perfectly stitched on the onesie and looks very elegant and well made! I love putting this onesie on Isaac because it's so adorable and it's promoting breastfeeding awareness all at the same time! 

Check out my little guy in his Formula Free Onesie! He's teething so this is the best shot I could get :( .

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One lucky reader will win a $25 gift certificate to Formula Free!

Doing a Little Bit of Cloth Diaper Exploring

So, I'm a pockets gal when it comes to my cloth diapers. My stash is all pocket diapers except for one AI2 that I have. But lately I've been doing some research and talking to friends. To start I should probably confess to ya'll that I use disposables at night. I know, so bad! But I just haven't taken the plunge with Isaac. I worry about him feeling wet and waking up. He just started sleeping through the night 2 months ago and I just don't want to mess that up. But I'm almost out of disposable diapers and so I've decided to try cloth diapers at night once I run out of my disposables. 

So after doing a little research and talking to fellow cloth diapering
moms I think I've decided to try fitteds and covers for night. I have purchased one fitted diaper and one wool cover to start off with! I haven't received them yet but when I do I will write a blog post on how it goes and if I like it enough to purchase more!

Do you use fitteds and covers? If so, what kinds do you like? Do you use them at night? Give me any tips you have! 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Boba Carrier 3G Review & Giveaway!

So ya'll know I love to wear Isaac! I love having him close to me while I get things done! I love the ability to be hands free while babywearing!  So when I was given the opportunity to review a Boba 3G baby carrier I was very excited! I have heard great things about Boba carriers and I was so ready to try it out and see for myself! 

The Boba 3G is designed for babies and toddlers approximately 7 to 45 pounds. It is made of 100% cotton and is designed to fit parents 5'-6'3". It comes with an adjustable, removable sleeping hood and removable foot straps. It can be used in a front carry and back carry and adjusts to an infant carrier without an extra insert!

I received the Boba 3G in "Tweet" to try! It's such an adorable print and very gender neutral in my opinion. Isaac is 9 months old and about 19.5 pounds right now so I prefer to wear him on my back but a front carry is still possible. The first thing I noticed about the carrier was the straps were on the thicker side and felt like they would be very comfortable. The carrier comes with an instruction manual with step by step instructions on how to do different carries. So after reading through it I gave the front carry and back carry a try! I really LOVE the back carry with the Boba 3G! I find it quite a bit more comfortable than most other carriers. He feels a bit higher up than other carriers I've used so the weight isn't so much on my shoulders. 

The front carry is super easy and comfortable too! One thing I like about the Boba is there is no extra fabric between me and Isaac so it's super easy to nurse in. It makes for very discreet nursing as well with the higher rise of the carrier. 

I absolutely love the pockets that are on the Boba. There is on on the waist belt and one on the rise so I stick the sleeping hood on the top pocket and my keys or phone in the pocket on the waist! I also love how easily adjustable the straps are. It's not difficult to loosen or tighten any of the straps and the back strap moves up and down very easily to snap it closed and move to a comfortable position on my back. 

The Boba 3G is supposed to fit toddlers up to 45 pounds. Noah is 3 years old and about 40 pounds so we decided to put it to the test! We put Noah on my hubby's back to see how well it worked and if it was comfortable...

Hubby said it was very comfortable and easy! He said he would definitely want to wear Noah rather than carrying him if we were hiking or walking a long distance! We don't have them attached in this picture but the foot straps are great for bigger toddlers so that their feet are dangling and they stay in a good seated position while being worn! 

The Boba 3G is a great soft structured carrier! It is my go-to carrier for grocery shopping and doing things out and about! I keep it in the car and wear Isaac in it pretty much everywhere we go! It comes in 4 beautiful prints and 3 solid colors so there's an option for everyone! It fits babies to toddlers plus mom and dad alike! It's an all around great carrier for almost everyone in the family! 

Buy It!

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Enter for your chance to win a Boba Baby Carrier, a Boba Wrap and a BobaAir! All products can be seen at With Boba products it is easier than ever to enjoy Freedom Together as a family and Boba wants YOU to get a chance to use their products. To enter to win, “Like” them on Facebook ( and for an additional two entries, follow them on Twitter (

The Parenting Patch Fall Fluff Giveaway Hop! #FallFluff

Welcome to The Parenting Patch Fall Fluff Giveaway Hop! James and Heather, a husband and wife team, launched The Parenting Patch: Where Parents Grow on September 15, 2011. In honor of the first anniversary of their blog and website, The Parenting Patch is hosting a cloth diaper giveaway hop that runs from September 1, 2012 through September 15, 2012. The minimum value of each prize package participating in The Parenting Patch Fall Fluff Giveaway Hop is $15. Each giveaway prize is related to cloth diapers. Giveaways include, but are not limited to, cloth diapers, wet bags, cloth wipes, cloth diaper laundry detergent, and cloth diaper ointment. 

 Additionally, The Parenting Patch is sponsoring a huge cloth diaper grand prize that consists of one (1) wet/dry bag in sage, one (1) handmade wet bag in an owl print, one (1) Smush Tush diaper, one (1) Awesome Blossom diaper, six (6) bamboo/microfiber inserts, nine (9) microfiber inserts, and ten (10) Alva Baby pocket diapers in red, orange yellow, green, blue, light blue, purple, black, brown, and white. 

The Parenting Patch Fall Fluff Giveaway Hop grand prize is open to legal residents of the United States of America and Canada. To enter to win, simply use the Rafflecopter form found at The Parenting Patch Fall Fluff Giveaway Hop: Grand Prize Cloth Diaper Prize Pack Giveaway. Good luck and happy cloth diapering! 

Here at The Not-So-Secret Confessions you can enter to win a fluffy prize package valued at $70!! The prize package includes:

- One $25 gift certificate from Kissed By The Moon!

- One Diaper Essentials Kit from Balm Baby! {$29.95 RV}

- One Dinkledooz One-Size Pocket Diaper! {$14.95}

The giveaway is open to US residents only. Please enter to win below on the Rafflecopter form! You can do one entry or all of them!