Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cloth Diapers- Where to begin?!?!

That was my biggest question when I was starting out and getting interested in cloth. It can be overwhelming. Which kind do I buy? What works best? How do I care for  them?  Isn't it expensive to start out? Lots of questions come to mind. Hopefully I can help answer some of those questions here.

I didn't start using cloth on Noah until he was 7 months old. Some of my friends were using them and I was interested. Then after talking to a fellow mom friend I found out that there was a cloth diaper store in the town next to ours. So that got me even more interested. But hubby (and myself) were worried about costs. Seemed like it was super expensive to start out, especially since I didn't even know which kind I wanted to use!

Which kind should I buy?

I mention the cloth diaper store because that was such a big help to me! I highly suggest checking to see if your town or somewhere nearby has a store that cells cloth diapers. A lot of stores have trial programs to start you out. I paid $10 to try every cloth diaper I was interested in and to try for 2 weeks. Whatever I didn't like I could return and whatever I did like I kept and paid the difference. I think I got everything from prefolds to all in ones. It was really helpful! If you don't have a nearby store or if your local store doesn't offer a trial package you can even get them online!  Nicki's Diapers, Mom's Milk Boutique, and Jillian's Drawers .... just to name a few. I definately suggest trying a couple different kinds of coth diapers before buying all of one kind, even if you don't do a trial package. Odds are you will like a few different kinds.

What works best?

That all depends on your baby and you. Some diapers work better on some babies. Some diapers are easier to use and care for than other diapers. It is all about personal preference and trial and error. Another reason you should try all different kinds of cloth diapers before deciding which works best for you and your family.

How do I care for cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers do require a little bit different care than regular laundry, but in my opinion still just as easy. Cloth diapers can only be washed in certain detergents. Typically you want a detergent that is free of fragrances, enzymes, brightners, and dyes. Diaper Jungle has the most awesome chart that tells you what detergents are safe and which aren't so much. Plus my personal favorite detergent is Rockin Green which was specifically made for cloth diapers. (And I have a giveaway going for Rockin Green if your interested in trying!)

The normal wash routine for cloth diapers is fairly simple....cold rinse, hot wash on heavy cycle, than another cold rinse. Ocassionally I rinse a few extra times or I soak the dipes in the hot water with soap for a bit. As far as drying goes, outside line drying is the best. But if your like me, and your hubby won't hurry up and make you a clothesline, you can hang them on a rack to dry or dry them on low in the dryer. For some diapers you can dry on high, but you wanna check the particular diapers instructions before you do.

Isn't it expensive to start out?

This was my biggest fear. The diapers I  saw were nearly $20 bucks a diaper! I was thinking we'd never be able to cloth diaper! But not ALL diapers are that expensive. Prefolds can range from $1.00 to $2.50 each ...usually you can get a cheaper price buying in bulk. Covers are around $12 each. Then, the easier the diaper is to use, the more expensive the diaper becomes. I honestly like pockets and all in ones the best and those are the most expensive. So we started out with like 3 diapers in the beginning. Then every paycheck I'd buy another diaper or two. It was a slow process to get a full stash, but now we save tons of money! We hardly ever have to buy disposables. I like to keep them in the house just in case, but I usually only have to buy one box every 2-3 months. I think the last box of 92ish diapers I bought in June. So that is a huge expense out the window from using cloth! I'm pretty sure we've already broke even with the costs of the cloth diapers, and maybe even are ahead by now! It's great!

I hope I answered some questions and made cloth diapering not seem quite as overwhelming! If you have more questions please feel free to comment or email me! I love helping and informing other moms about how awesome cloth really is! Be on the lookout for even more informative posts about cding!


  1. I'm very interested in hearing more about cloth diapers. I know more and more people are using them and I'm curious about that benefits of clothing.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Great post! I've been interested in CDing for a long time, but am overwhelmed by the choices. I know you save money on diapers, but how much does your water and electric bill go up? Most people I spoke to do 2 to 3 extra loads of laundry a week. That has to add to your bill right?

  3. What do you do when you have a soiled diaper and you're out and about?

  4. We never noticed a huge jump in either bill. I'm sure it went up a couple dollars or so but it wasn't noticable enough. And we just recently moved into our own house so before we lived in an apartment that the water was included. So I'm not sure about the water bill. I know our water bill wasn't high at all these past two months we've lived here. I'll have to see what I can find about how much it typically goes up.

    When you get a soiled diaper I swish it around in the toilet to get all the solids off. There is this thing called a diaper sprayer that hooks to your toilet that gives you a stream of water with some pressure. That makes it a bit easier and I am actually thinking about investing in one. When I'm out I have a wetbag that is waterproof and zips up so you can't even smell anything. And it washes right along with the diapers. I'll prob make a post on this subject too! :)


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