Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School at full force!!

So I started school back yesterday. Boo, no fun! I am taking 3 classes which is a full load according to my school. I can already tell its going to a be a full load too! Lots of homework and boring lectures! So I am telling you this because if my posts are not as often or at crazy random times of the day, that why! My goal is to make all A's this last year of college so I'll probably be pretty busy!

But even though I'm busy I still love to hop!! Welcome any new followers! Please leave me a comment so I can follow you back! Have a great day!



  1. Hi there! Cute blog! I am following you from Tuesday Follow. Please stop by my blog, thanks!

  2. fun blog! i became a wife and mama in just over a year's time (married in july '07 and ds was born aug '08) so I enjoy reading your blog. Follow me back if you'd like! I have 2 blog:


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