Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Heart Coupons!!!

Ok so I FINALLY got a newspaper today. Not even the big huge one. Just the Athens Banner Herald..which is fairly big but not the biggest. I was like a dang kid in a candy store just now! I started going through and clipping coupons and I seriously sounded like a happy little kid! haha!! I was like "ooo" and "ahhh" and "yes! Jackpot" hahahahaha

Seriously though I was so suprised at how many coupons there are of stuff we actually use! Even if its not the brand we use, its stuff we use on a regular basis that I can now save some money on! Yippeee!!

Now I just have to make a list based off the sales and coupons. I think I will be going to Publix tomorrow because there sale ends on Tuesday and they have a few good meat sales and Bogo's I wanna get before it ends. I need to figure out what store is cheaper to buy things like cleaning supplies and non food items. We usually shop at Walmart because hubby gets a 10% dicount for being an employee of Walmart, but I'm pretty sure the discount doesn't apply if you use coupons, so if Target or somewhere else is cheaper than Walmart, then I need to start shopping there.

I am so excited to finally be using coupons and hopefully start saving some money!! I'll update again when I go on my first shopping trip! :)


  1. Yay! Welcome to the world of couponing! Check out She posts all of the Publix sales. That should help you out a bunch!

  2. I'm also new to couponing! It's a little bit addictive, I'd say :-D

  3. Awesome! We love love new people who {Heart} coupons!! lol... Couldn't agree with you anymore when you say JACKPOT!! =D I hope we can help you out at too! Welcome to the lovely side of couponing!! lol

  4. I love coupons too! They're like gold to me. :) I am finally in a place where I have access to more. I used to live in a small town with barely any. I'm excited to get into the coupon clipping again. :)

    Your little Noah is adorbale! I am new to your blog and look forward to reading more. I am visiting from Relax and Surf sunday.

    Have a great night!

    Mary (new follower)

  5. I am addicted. My husband is always asking me to put my coupons away. But you get really save some money!!!

    New follower. Come visit at


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