Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shusybye Book and CD Review

I was privilaged to by able to review the Shusybye book  Shushybye Sleepover Suprise and the music cd " The Shushybye Dream Band - Shushybye and Goodnight".

What is Shushybye you ask?
Shushybye is a brand for babies, toddlers and preschoolers made to promote bedtime and have kids looking forward to sleep! It is an interactive routine for kids and parents to get excited about going to bed! Shushybye consists of book, music, dvds and even a tv show!

Shushybye is made up of several different characters like Snoozles, Dozie, and Zeez! They live in places like Nap Valley and Snore Shore and they make the dreams of children who make their Dream Wish and go to bed on time! Then Conductor McCloud puts all the dreams on the Dream train and transports them to all the children!

What we thought about Shushybye!

When I heard about shushybye I thought it was super cute! But I was a little hesitant to think that it really worked to get the kiddos to bed and to enjoy going to bed! Well the first night we got it we opened the book and I saw the interactive cd that comes with the book. So I had hubby pop it in and instead of me reading the book we got to listen to the book--complete with songs and effects and everything! Noah really enjoyed that and listened to the whole book! (Thats a big deal for a 16 month old!) The interactive cd was definately a big bonus to the book. Once we finished reading I told Noah it was bedtime and he was more than happy to go to bed!

The next day while playing in his room, I put on the music cd for Noah. Of course, Noah just danced away. One thing I love about the cd is that its not just a bunch of little preschool short songs that drive us parents nuts when we have to hear it over and over. (you know the kinds of songs I'm talking about if your a parent) The style of music has a nice jazz feel to it and its something that even adults can enjoy!

I really enjoyed the Shushybye book and cd! Now, Noah is only 16 months old so he doesn't quite understand the concept of Shushybye and Dream Wishes and all that good stuff. But it was enjoyable for him now and as he gets older I can definately see these books being a big part of our bedtime routine!

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