Monday, September 27, 2010

So how did I do??

I think I did pretty good but I'm going to let you coupon guru's tell me for real if I did a good job or not!

I got all this for $50.14. The only thing that wasn't a BOGO or on some kind of sale was the cheese crackers and the taco shells. I only used 4 coupons but they were good ones! I used $3.00 off any Johnson & Johnson products when you buy two or more. So that means I paid $.15 for one!! Another good one was a  Glade plugins BOGO coupon and they were BOGO at Publix too. And I THINK she took off the whole price of one regular price  cuz my receipt says -$5.99!! So whoo hoo!! Also I had a coupon for $1.00 off Oscar Meyer meat which was BOGO at Publix and $.55 off Country Crock butter! The rest of the stuff I bought was BOGO or 5/$5 or 2/$1.00 or on sale in some way!! My receipt says I saved $44.01 I saved almost as much as I spent! So did I do ok?? Be honest!! :))


  1. Oh and ps--the glade plugins will fit into air wick and Bath and Body works plug ins!!

  2. Yes that's awesome. Our last shopping trip we limited it to $150 and our receipt says we save $75 with the coupons I had. A small tip, if you have a printer, take advantage of all the printable coupons. Thy have like $0.55 of one box of cereal an bogo cheese and all sorts of awesome deals.

  3. If you save almost as much as you spent, then yes you did VERY good..


  4. Definitely good shopping there! Apparently, I need to start getting better about remembering coupons and looking for deals when I'm shopping if you can save that much in one trip.

  5. Thanks ya'll! Speaking of printers..where's the cheapest place to get printer ink! I woulda had more coupons but we are out of ink lol! So I gotta find a good deal on ink so I can start printing more coupons! :)

  6. For a first time, I think you did great. The goal I had set for myself was to always save more than I spent. Once you start getting more familiar with couponing and getting plenty of coupons on hand (it usually takes about 6 weeks to really get going) you will be amazed at how much you can really save! Just remember, everything usually hits it's "rock bottom" price every 6-8 weeks. If an item is only around 25 percent off, that's probably not the best sale and you could wait that one off unless you really need the item. Congrats on your savings and I can't wait to see more!


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