Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekly Publix trip and my first trip to Walgreens with Coupons!

So I've been reading up on how things work at Walgreens and been getting together a running list of some deals I wanted to get this week. It didn't go quite as well as I planned but I did do pretty good. I was able to get two Irish Spring Deodorants for practically free with RR. And Purex 50oz bottles of detergent for only $1.99 each. They were completely out of the FREE Right Gaurd deodorants but I am going to check out another Wags today to see if they have them. I couldn't find the Reach toothbrushes that were on sale so I gave up on those. So I didn't come home with much but for my first time I don't think I did too bad.

- Irish Spring Deodorant 2/$6 (Used $1/1 coupon for each and got $4 RR back) = Free
- Purex Detergent 33 Load/50oz $2.99 (Used $1/1 coupon for each) = $1.99 ea.

Then after Walgreens I went to Publix! I haven't shopped there in about 2 weeks because I was going to Kroger but this week Publix had better deals. I can definitely say I missed my Publix! I was able to snag some free veggies and pasta this week and some super cheap Philadelphia cooking cream! I didn't have coupons for everything and even had to get some items that weren't on sale but I still did really good!

- Total at Publix $29.98 Saved $44.10

All this for $29.98 (minus the two liters and the protein powder lol)


  1. Oh I think you did GREAT! Considering it was your first Wags trip!! And yes, a lot of times, they run out of the free or nearly free items...because everyone goes the day after they find out which deals are to be had for the week...but I think you did a fab job! My first Wags trip was a total flop! lol I thought I had it down, and I soo didnt, plus I wanted to get EVERY deal I had found...oh yes, it was quite expensive! But I am much better at it now, and can pick up $100 dollars worth of items for pennies on the dollar! You will get better...just gotta go through a few trips with coupons... :0)

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