Sunday, March 20, 2011

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The Not-So-Secret Confessions of a First Time Mom
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My full name is Wendy Leanna Kelly-ann and my Muslim name is Liyana.  Most of my friends call me Kelly-ann, Kelleh, LeeLee or Lily.  My names are derived from Britain and Israel.  I'm Muslim, very social and open-minded.
I live in a little country known as Trinidad and Tobago, in the beautiful Caribbean sea with my mum, oldest brother and step-dad.  
I love to write to my blogs, read just about anything (mainly biology and crimes), sing, eat, dance, practise yoga and bake!
I want to be a family lawyer and child caretaker.  I'm an Army girlfriend to an amazing US soldier, who's currently deployed in the Middle East. Can't wait for R&R!!
I'm studying a B.Sc. in Business Computing from London Metropolitan Uni.; part-time studying two vocational courses: Auto Electrical and Bread, cakes and pastry and I'm job-hunting.  In my spare time (or most of the time) I write to my blog:" What makes me different>.  I started my blog because I needed something to do while my bf was being deployed and I was out of college.  Now it has transformed itself into more than my diary.  I write about my personal life, family, friends, blog-hops, recipes, health and sometimes Military.  


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