Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess we're gonna give it a shot!

I got Noah some little toddler undies the other day and he seems to really like them, so next week while I'm home on spring break I'm going to work on potty training with him. I'm really clueless with all this but I'm going to give it a shot. He tells me every time he goes in his diaper and I even think he knows when he has to go because he goes and hides. Today he had the underwear on and went to hide to just go pee! So yep, we'll give it a go next week! Any tips will be GREATLY appreciated!

Noah in his big boy undies :) 


  1. We did the three day boot camp and that's all it took- no accidents for my little man! How old is Noah? They say only to do the bootcamp if they are really ready. Jasper was 27 months and it was awesome because after the end of the three days he never had a single accident.

  2. We went cold turkey with our 2 year old. The first day he wet the floor something like 7 times, the second day, 3 times and the third day, only once. He's done great since with only a few accidents when he waits too long.

    For us, the night time training was harder than the daytime training. He was wetting 1-2x a night and that was even after restricting fluids a hour or two before bed time. We ended up having to wake him up around 11pm, and take him potty so he would last all night. We also have an extra calendar that we hung on his door at his height, and every night that he is dry, he gets a sticker on that day.

    We're not 100% success all the time yet, but he's made huge improvement and he has even woke us up in the middle of the night to tell us that he needed to go potty.

    Be patient, consistent and creative. It may take a little time, but the benefits are SO worth it.


  3. My daughter did the same exact thing. We tried the potty behind our chair (where she would hide.) We tried it in front of the front door (since we were in the living room and so she wouls SEE it at all times. She would start to hide and I would take her to the potty and make her wait (Someone is going to think I'm awful for saying that.) She peepeed easily it was the bms that cause us issues. We timed every thirty minutes on our stove timer and let her sit and tinkle. Then made her wait a bit longer each day till she could listen to her body's signals.
    My Nuderma was visiting in October last year and my daughter sat on the pot holding it until she couldn't go at all! Not good. But finally one night she went in there on her own and we let her be since we could peek and see her. She sat and sat for a while, then we heard... "Mommmy! I poopooed!" I was thinking yeah right! I went in there and she did it! All on her own, no making her sit and go. She did have a couple accidents and by the 5th time going on her own, she hasn't stopped since!
    I do find that while she wakes up wearing a diaper (cause pull-ups are too expensive) she gets a bit lazy and chooses to peepee in them when not paying attention to her body's signals. She has had a couple accidents when we are outside and she forgets to go. Another problem she has is her leg brace, since it gets in the way of her pants being pulled down.


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