Thursday, March 3, 2011

My First Kroger Trip Using Coupons!

So as you know, I normally shop at Publix. But this week there were some pretty amazing deals at Kroger and I decided to go there. Spent all afternoon matching up coupons with the sales and decided to head out today with my sister and Noah. I've shopped at Kroger before but not since I started using coupons, so I was a bit nervous,  but I think I did pretty good.

I spent $67.96 and saved $49.28. At first I was pretty dissapointed that I didn't save more than I spent, but when I started getting out my groceries, I realized I did get quite a bit for only $67. So for my first time, I'm pretty happy!

Here's what I got:
Noah is proud of his mommy's shopping trip!
Not bad right?! I got all those bodywash's for $1 each!! And the deodorant for $.99 each! Those were my big steals from the trip! So overall, I'm very pleased with my first Kroger trip using coupons!


  1. Good job! Meat and cheese always throw off your ratio since they are always more expensive and rarely have large dollar coupons.

  2. If you would like, I have a ferw giveaways going on at Mommy Does... there are free Chiquita Banana's in the mix :D
    It's on my top right hand side under reminders :D
    Plus, not sure if you saw it but I did get a book for my little girl which will be used for my classroom one day for only ten cents. The post about that is up on my homepage if you would like to check it out.


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