Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Talk About Me Tuesday- Holly's House!

Our Featured Blogger today is Holly from Holly's House- Not a Perfect Mom's Blog!
Are you looking for a mommy blogger who tells it like it is? Well, then you're in luck, because I'm her! I blog at Holly's House...NOT a perfect mom's blog, and you guessed it, I'm Holly.

I stay home with my four kids, two boys ages six and almost five, and two girls, the oldest one almost three and the baby will be one this month. I know, are we crazy or what? But we planned all these kids...and now we're sleep deprived and constantly tripping over bright plastic toys and stepping on teeny tiny legos and action figures. I spend my days driving kids all over town, desperately trying to keep the house decent (though I'm a terrible housekeeper), playing tea party, and breaking up arguements.

My youngest daughter Brooke was the inspiration for me to start blogging. She was born with Down Syndrome and also had a very severe heart defect that required open heart surgery (which she rocked!) and some people recommended a few blogs to me. I had never been a reader of blogs before but I found comfort in them...it's always nice to know someone has been where you are right now! I thought...hmmm, maybe I should do the same....I would love to offer support and encouragement to other parents with a child with Down Syndrome! Yay me!

Guess what? That' is so not my thing though. Not that I don't want to offer support to others, but after I started blogging I realized that DS is just a part of our life, not our whole life, and our real life is actually pretty damn funny! So now, I found my flow...my groove. I blog mostly about the humorous side of mothering, though I don't censor myself, so if I'm feeling badly about something, I'll let it out....

I love to blog now, I love to put my words out there...the comments people leave letting me know I made them laugh, or they totally relate make my day! Like me on facebook, follow me on Twitter, leave comments and you'll have a happy Holly! Topics and posts are always going through my mind, so I'll be around for a while...

And if you want to check out some of my favorite blogs, head over to www.pudgeandzippy.blogspot.com , www.americanmum.blogspot.com , www.marymeanmommy.blogspot.com , or www.jaxsonsfight.blogspot.com . Oh,and a couple of new ones I've been reading and liking are www.themomadventures.com  and www.extremeparenthood.com . I know I'm leaving out so many that I like too...ugh...after four kids my memory's been shot!

Happy reading!

Thank you Holly for sharing with us about your life and your blog! If YOU want to be featured on Talk About Me Tuesday go HERE to get more information on how you can!

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