Sunday, January 16, 2011

Couponing- Still Learning

I started couponing over the summer. I learned the basics from other blogs and bloggers. I've really enjoyed it and have saved a lot of money since doing it! But I'm still learning. I don't get a million free things like some do. I don't always buy something on sale..if its something I really want I get it. I'm not a pro yet by any means!

I do have my handy binder that I keep all my coupons organized in and it is so helpful! It does take a lot of time to organize each week but I don't mind it if I can find the time to do it.

I guess the whole point of this post is I'd like to learn more about couponing! I want to be one of those who can stock up on stuff I got for free and find all the best deals! I just don't know how! I mainly shop at 2 stores. Publix and Walmart. Publix for the sales and Walmart for meat and anything else we need. (Hubby works for the company of Walmart so we also get a discount) Being in school full time I don't really have the time to shop at 5 different stores. But I guess for free stuff I could probably make the time if I had to lol!

So if you consider yourself a pro at couponing! If you get great deals and free stuff all the time..I want you!!
I think I'm going to have a few guest bloggers to help me and others learn the ins and outs of couponing and how to REALLY save!! You can comment below or email me at! Happy couponing!!


  1. I like this post and would love it if you would let me know if you find a great blog to follow for this info. Also, I'm a follower. I hope you'll follow me back!

  2. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I teach couponing classes in my town. I have a series that will actually begin Tues. night! I also host a couponing club in my home! So if you are needing any help at all, I would be glad to pass on what I can!

    Take care,
    Dominique AKA "The Bargainess"

  3. I just went and did my shopping today! I love couponing. I went to $189 worth of goods and spent $36.47! I was happy!
    CVS and Walgreens are your best friends on a lot of deals.
    If ya want me to send ya anymore info shoot me an email, but I'm positive you are going to get a lot of feedback on this.

  4. I have a coupon book just like yours and was teaching a friend tonight on how I get good deals at walgreens and target oh and Pick n Save. :) I just started blogging but plan on putting a post up every trip. :) I have one blog post from last weeks Walgreens trip. It does have a few tips that I have learned. :) Feel free to email back if you have any questions. :)

  5. I have been debating about getting into couponing or not. However, I can not see anything against it really. Especially with Baby #2 on the way for the Hubby & I. So if you get any good tips, feel free to share them with us. :)

    By the way: where did you get that handy dandy coupon binder?

  6. I would really like to know more about couponing...i just live in a small town but i would make the trip if i could get great deals. please send some info my way!!!
    Girl Boy Girl Inspired

  7. I don't find all the deals either. And I have some issues with my local wal-mart and how their discepensies (sp) in prices. I used to work there and it was a mess. It still is 3 years later, but I do alright with comping there. Ours accepts state-wide ads. SO I can comp alot. The only thing is- they don't allow comping plus employee discount :( BOO!

    I don't get bookoos of free stuff. We have a Davids, Brookshires, HEB, Ole', and CVS. THATS. IT. Nothing else. SO, no competition.

  8. Thanks for the encouragement ya'll! I am going to start posting more on couponing so we can all help each other out! If anyone is interested in guest blogging about couponing on my blog please feel free to email me!

  9. I'm just learning to coupon too. Looking forward to seeing how it all works.


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