Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Talk About Me Tuesday- Songberries!

What's your name? Carol

Tell me a bit about yourself and your family. I'm a mother of 5 with 2 left at home, I have 3 grandchildren. I love to run and hike with my kids. I love to listen to my kids play the piano, violin and flute. So much to do!
What's the name and link to your blog? Songberries~ http://songberries.blogspot.com
What is your blog about/What do you like to write about in your blog? I like to cover a little bit of everything because that's the way life is! I blog about crafts, sewing, baking, cooking, hiking, sewing, my family and lots of reviews and giveaways sprinkled in!
What inspired you to start a blog? My daughter started her blog first and it looked like so much fun.
Do you have any blogging pet peeves? Not really, I have met a lot of friendly helpful new friends!
Do you have any big goals for your blog? I would love to get more readers so I can get a bigger variety of products for giveaways.
What are some of your favorite blogs to read?



Thank you for sharing Carol! If you are a blogger and would like to be featured on Talk about Me Tuesday, email me at mommyferg02 at gmail dot com!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my blog!

  2. Hi, I'm here(GFC krishackney) from the Cloth Blog Hop (but I already follow you). I'd love it if you could follow me back at my new (not Mama Needs a Nap)blog: mamaswears.com

    I already follow Songberries too. :)


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