Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Well I went to the doctor today! He was very nice and understanding. He did an EKG and took some blood to rule out a thyroid problem. My EKG was normal and I get the blood results back in two days. He agreed that he thought it was anxiety and prescribed me Zoloft.

Well the thing is, we are ready (finally) to try for baby #2! So I don't want to be on some meds and cause danger to my baby if I'm on it before I even find out that I'm pregnant So I've decided not to start taking it.  Plus I don't think this is a permanent thing that I need to take a pill for daily. I think this has been sparked by my being in school full time. I haven't been in school full time since before Noah was born. So this is a huge difference for me. I just get VERY stressed and need to learn how to handle it better. So I may look into seeing a therapists or something to learn alternative ways to cope with this. I've had a few suggestions from friends like yoga and other relaxation methods that I may try. I've also made myself up a daily schedule so that I can fit in everything I need to at certain times of day instead of being overwhelmed with it all at once. Plus there's some time in there to relax and just unwind.

So although I didn't get exactly the answers I wanted from the doctor, I did get a lot. I was able to know that I don't have a heart condition and I'm not dying or anything. So that definitely gave me peace of mind. Hopefully I can learn to control this anxiety and move forward to being a happier and healthier mommy!

Thank you all so much for your support and kind words!!


  1. I just started working as a nurse and have seen so much already. It seems like doctors just throw meds at people without trying non-med methods of handling things. I think you are doing a wonderful thing of identifying the stress and working to lower it! Keep up the great work! Having just finished school, it can be really stressful but I found having a schedule to keep me on track helped me to chill some :)

  2. acupuncture...
    and I'm not some hippie dippie chick...but seriously? try it..
    did it when I was pregnant for back pain and stress...ahhhhh

  3. I hope that you can find alternate ways of dealing besides meds. I know it can be done :) Just breathe, you ARE an awesome mom and person! I like that you are setting things aside and organizing your day. That really helps a lot to get the anxiety down. I have found that my anxiety peaks tremendously when I am not in control of the situation and feeling helpless.

    Hang in there mama, text me when ever if you need to :)

    PS- LOVE LOVE LOVE that y'all are trying for another baby soon!! Another look alike Noah? heck yes! in girl form of course ;)

  4. So glad you go some answers! Sometimes it just helps to talk things out! Having a schedule helps me tremendously, even if I don't get to everything on my list, at least it helps me keep organized, and I get the things done that Have to be done. Hang in there! You'll make it!!

  5. Thank goodness it's nothing major :)

  6. Sorry to hear that you're having a difficult time, but it's no wonder with all you've got going on! As a former therapist, of course I can advocate for that route, I think everyone should see a counselor :)
    Also, I know being on meds while pregnant isn't always the best idea, but if it becomes serious, know that SSRI's (the class of drug that Zoloft is) is pretty safe during pregnancy. I was on Lexapro during my first pregnancy, breastfeeding and still on it now with baby number two. I haven't had any problems with it myself, nor have my children.
    Do what you have to do to keep yourself healthy and sane!


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