Friday, January 14, 2011

Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred! My First Day!

So I know New You was yesterday but I just got this today so here we go!!

I've heard a lot about Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and how it will kick your butt right into shape! Well I finally decided to give it a try! I picked it up today at Walmart and gave it a try when I got home. Man oh man does it kick your butt! I was amazed at how many body parts she can work in just 20 minutes! But I was able to finish it and afterward I felt really energized and accomplished! I'm really hoping with this workout and some better eating habits I can lose the 10+ pounds that I'd like to lose and really get in better shape!

I also measured myself yesterday after taking a shower and I'm going to keep track of that along with my weight for New You every Thursday! So here they are:

Weight: 140lbs
Waist: 37 inches
Left Thigh: 24 inches
Right Thigh: 24 inches
Butt: 40.5 inches

Hopefully those will be smaller numbers next week!!
Let me know if you've tried the 30 day shred before! Did you get results?!


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  2. I have it I just need to actually use it. When I used to use it it worked pretty well. I also like her full frontal and full back dvd's as well

  3. LOVE that workout! Killer, and it will kick your butt into shape in no time!

  4. I am afraid of that workout. A friend tried it and said she threw up after.


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