Sunday, January 9, 2011

We are about to get HIT!

With Snow!! This has been a crazy winter already! We had our first snow on Christmas Day! Now tonight they are expecting a huge winter storm to come through and drop 5-7 inches in our area including a lot of ice and sleet!!  Usually we don't get snow till the end of January or Feb...and we usually get snow like once or twice a year! But looks like this is not our usual winter!!

I am excited for snow but dreading the ice! Hubby has to work tomorrow and he goes in to work at 3:30am! So he's going to have to be super careful! Plus with ice comes power outages! That is going to totally suck! I'm really hoping and praying the power doesn't go out!!

So if you notice that I am not around in the next few days, we most likely lost power. I can update on my facebook on my phone but blogging on my phone is way to time consuming. I DO plan on posting a new review/giveaway later today just in case the power does go be on the lookout!! :)


  1. We live near Braselton, Ga, and it's gonna be bad, I think! My husband works for the power company and he is going in today to be available for work tomorrow ~ they are planning on all the guys staying at a hotel tonight and tomorrow night. For them to feel this way, I think it will be as bad as the hype is! The kids and I are just gonna hunker down at home and plan for lots of cocoa, movies, and fun in the snow - fingers crossed the power doesn't go out! Stay WARM!! : )

  2. It's so unusual. We are next in line for it. Right on the coast and the border to north carolina so we see it when it comes. Stay safe!

  3. We live in conyers ga, right on the snow/ice line. It's going to suck. The roads are going to be terrible. Stay Safe!

  4. Glad I saw this! I am in Va, and of course I managed to schedule my son's 18 month appointment at 9:15 and my 1st OB appointment for new baby at 10:45 (oppps). I will be rushing (if its snowing that will be rushing at 20 mph if I am lucky!) around, in the snow :/

  5. I have an award for you and your special blog, over on my blog - The Busy Woman's Guide to Surviving Motherhood Please come check it out!

  6. Been snowing for about an hour now in north ga & already lots on the ground!


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