Sunday, October 31, 2010

Well Boo!

And not boo as in scary boo! Boo as in boo hoo!

My town was one of the silly towns that celebrated Halloween last night. And it was fun. We got lots of trick or treaters, dressed Noah up in his cowboy outfit, and got to see some good friends. But today, Halloween, there's nothing to do! No fun! Although, I do think we are going to go to a pumpkin patch/corn maze with the in laws. It still just feels very strange.

I guess thats what we get for living in the bible belt. God forbid we trick or treat on a Sunday. I get it. I do. But its all too confusing and difficult. I hope from now on we can keep the holiday on its designated day. And since we had trick or treaters last night I really hope there aren't any confused trick or treaters tonight, cuz I'm just about out of candy!!

Oh and since its going to be a pretty normal day for the most part...I decided to do some hopping! Welcome new followers!!

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  1. We celebrated last night. I would complain that it isn't ON Halloween but I'm kind of grateful for the extra day of rest with the girls before I start another work week. But yeah, it should be on HALLOWEEN!

    In any case - hope you had fun!! Have a nice Sunday!

  2. We celebrated pretty much all weekend...there were trick or treat events held in two towns on Saturday afternoon and evening, and then trick or treating last night as well. Busy busy!! I live in the Bible belt too, which does make life interesting!


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