Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guest Green Mommy-- Mommy Made Green!

I am excited to announce that our first Green mommy is Emily from Mommy Made Green! Emily is in my neck of the woods and also has a Noah of her own!! Here's her story!!

Hello! My name is Emily and I am a self professed crunchy mommy, blogger at, and business owner of Mommy Secrets ( My about me blog description says it all in a nutshell: I am a Jesus loving, Bible reading, ministry breathing, husband adoring, babywearing, cloth diapering, organic food eating, delayed vaccinating, long term breastfeeding, natural childbirthing, book reading, homeschool loving, fast talking, baby food making, cosleeping, culture loving, television minimizing, outdoor exploring, animal loving, former preschool teaching, family cherishing, wife and mother of two children who has discovered that being a green mommy is not as hard as it looks and it can be done on a budget. However, I have not always been this way.

I began my journey into "Greendom" in 2005, years before I even had children, when I came down with a mysterious illness that caused the bruising and swelling of my legs and feet. I knew I was in trouble when during a visit to yet another specialist (this time a dermatologist) and they ordered a chest x-ray. I left that visit in tears not understanding what was going on with my body. I went home and opened the one book that always had answers when everyone else had none: My Bible. I started studying what God said about how we are to take care of our body and then compared that to modern research and that is when my quest fully began. Shortly thereafter, I came across some books written by Jordan Rubin and as a result I adopted some new dietary guidelines and did a whole body cleanse. Within two weeks my mysterious illness was completely gone and I was hooked.

In December of 2006, I learned that I was pregnant with my first child (Noah) and I immediately began researching and planning to have a healthy, green pregnancy as well as how to raise a healthy child. Since then my knowledge has grown in great ways and I found many friends came to me asking how I did what I did. I gave birth to my second child (Owen) in 2009 five weeks premature and learned even more. It is an absolute MYTH that eating and living organic is expensive. I am a stay at home mom married to a mechanic who is still paying for both our college educations and I do it without going into debt! In fact, I manage to run a completely green household and still put money in a savings account each month! How do I do it? Well, that is why I own Mommy Secrets and why I love sharing my secrets on my blog.

Mommy Secrets is a local company that exists to support and educate a community of moms on a more natural way of mothering while providing a selection of mom made products to enrich their lives as mommy. I love owning this company. I run it out of my home by meeting local moms in homes, at parks, in coffee shops, in church meeting rooms, at moms groups, at festivals, and in so many other fun places. I meet these moms for a no pressure consultation. I love teaching moms that being green is not only fun and easy, but also affordable. Everything I do is based on education, support, and relationships. I love getting to meet a variety of moms and help them along the way. I also give back 10% of all my profits back to the community.

I love to help people, in fact, I do not feel happy if I am not helping people. I especially love helping women and children. My blog is another great resource. I share tips, recipes, stories, and even have a few giveaways. So please, if you have questions ask away! If you would like to see me discuss something in particular, let me know! I want to help you and your family get healthy and start preserving the beauty that is here on our planet for the many generations to come. It CAN be done and it will NOT break your bank account!

Thank you Emily!! If you are a Green mommy and would like to be featured on my blog please email me at!

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