Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Celebration! Flash Giveaways!!!!

To celebrate my blogs 1st birthday I've decided I want to do some flash giveaways one night this week! I LOVE flash giveaways! They are so fun! If you don't know what they are you need to haha! I'll explain it in greater detail on my FACEBOOK page. So go like me if you haven't yet!!

But to do flash giveaways I need sponsors!! I need companies to donate a prize of any sort to give away! In return the company gets lots more likes on their fb page and even hits on their website!

Can't do the giveaways without sponsors..and the quicker we get sponsors the quicker I can do the giveaways! SOOOOO I need your help in spreading the word for me! Post on your blog or fb or twitter what I'm planning on doing and link back to me!! If ya'll could do that it would be AWESOME! Plus if you do this you can get TWO (2) extra entries in any of my giveaways currently going on!!

If you would like to sponsor, we would love to have you! Any prize, big or small will be greatly appreciated! Just email me at to discuss further!!

Thank you thank you thank you!! Ya'll are really amazing fans and followers and the whole reason my blog has been so successful!!


  1. I Tweeted it! ;)
    Thanks for the extra entries! I will continue to tweet this as often as I can so you can get lots of sponsors! Can't wait for the Flash Giveaway! YAY!

  2. Happy b-day to your blog! I am now following along! I'm mom to three little ones with twins on the way and life is truly a crazy blessing!
    Beneath the Acacia Tree

  3. I was able to post about this on about 20 different potential sponser's Facebook pages today that I "Like". But I got stuck in "comment Jail" because I kept posting your link several times. But I got the word out to some great sponsors and I will just email the rest tomorrow! ;)

  4. Thanks! Just be sure not to spam. I don't want ppl getting mad at me haha

  5. I am currently on my phone so i'm not able to copy and paste your email but i'd love more information. I am the owner of Bethie Boos Tutus. I did get a link posted to my wall which is fine this one time but I would prefer them to be emailed me for future references!! My email is Thanks!!

  6. happy bday for your blog, great idea and hope to help out!

  7. Oops. @Beth and @MommyFerg02. Sorry!
    I didn't know that wasn't ok to do. This is my first time spreading the word about something like this! Now I feel bad! *eep*. I will be sure to email everyone else from now on and will never post on walls again! :)

  8. K, I removed the posts from Everyone's Facebook walls and sent the info and an apology to them via email! Again I'm sorry for that...emailing from now on! :)


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