Friday, October 15, 2010

Blog Challenge- Day 3

Your First Love

Do we really have to go there? Ugh. Well I guess we can, but don't expect me to go in to detail. My first true love was Nick. We dated for 3 years. He broke my heart. We were so close. It wasn't a good relationship and we were very young and immature. I was jealous and tried to control him too much. We argued a lot. But boy was I in love....


  1. Ugh- first loves! Isn't it always a heart break??!!


  2. Ahh, first love...

    Boy, I was in love too. And of course it ended in heartbreak :( But what's important is that we learned from it, and I know I did!

  3. Very true! I def learned from it and now I have my wonderful husband!


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