Friday, October 15, 2010

Featured Fluff Friday- BumGenius All-In-One

Today's Featured Fluff is the BumGenius All-in-One. It's another favorite in this household! My hubby loves it because of how easy it is to use! The information I have for you today about this diaper is from and my own personal opinion!

BumGenius AIOs are known for being easy and simple! They are cloth diapers but just one piece like a disposable. There's no folding or stuffing! They are fastened by hook and loop just like a disposable. The outer material is safe to wash in hot water, and lining fabric keeps baby's bottom nice and dry!

We love the BumGenius AIO because of the simplicity! My husband doesn't have to worry about stuffing anything before-hand and all he has to do is stick it on Noah's bum! They are very well made and durable! We've had ours for months now and they are still in great condition! They absorb great too! They have an opening in the back inside which you can use to add extra inserts and when we did that, Noah could sleep in one of these diapers all night long with no leaks! The ONLY problem I have with BumGenius AIO's is because they are all one piece , they take a LONG time to dry. Longer than any other of my diapers. BUT thats the only con and the pros definately outweigh the cons!

Check your local or favorite cloth diaper store  or visit Cotton Babies to purchase!!

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  1. I definitely love the bum genius all in one out of everything we have tried- best absorbency=)


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