Thursday, October 28, 2010


My Trilash Giveaway is ending tonight at 11pm EST!! There are going to THREE winners so be sure to enter, because your chances of winning are really good!!

I am doing TWO giveaways on my Avon Facebook page one I reach 300 fans! One random fan will win a prize and then one person who sends over the most people will win a prize! All you have to do is send you friends over to "like" the page and post on the wall that YOU sent them! Once I get to 300 fans I'll pick two winners!

I have a couple other giveaways ending within the next week or so! Plus more to come! So always keep your eyes peeled! All my giveaway are listed on the left sidebar of my blog!

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  1. Great guest post on feeding 4 today. That's about how I got into cloth diapering, buying one or two here or there. Problem for me is, I stockpiled sposies up to size 5 and now have boxes of them around. I go back and forth between "let's use them up" and "let's donate them since we have cloth now". :)


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