Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Uh Oh! Getting close to potty training!

So Noah has begun to notice when he goes in his diaper. He will grab his crotch and speak in his weird little language..sorta sounds like uh oh. Haha. And he even sometimes runs to the diaper changing table for me to change him!! So I think we are getting close to potty training time! This scares me to death! I know nothing about potty training haha! Except that its messy!!


Those of you who have potty trained...I want any advice you have for me! I'm not sure when we'll actually start since he can't really talk much yet, but I want to be educated before I do start. So tips, advice, tricks, anything I wanna hear it. Let me know when you started with your kiddos too, and how long it took to get them fully potty trained!

Thanks bunches and wish me luck for when we do actually start!! LOL


  1. Well, kids have a tendency to let you know, at least mine did. She started asking what panties were, and why didn't she have some. So we bought some panties, and tried them for a few hours, had like 6 accidents. I waited a month, and tried again, and yes, we had accidents, but it worked! I think the biggest thing is patience. You have to have lots of patience, because they are going to have accidents, lots of them. One thing several friends told me, set a timer, and take them to the potty EVERY hour during the day. Even if they say they don't have to go. Just sit them on the potty and maybe give them a book to look at and distract them a bit. This made a huge difference, and it cut down on the accidents. I used diapers or pull ups at night for a little while, but not long. Another sign kids might be ready for potty training is if they wake up regularly with dry diapers. That means they can hold it all night, and they are ready! Hope this helps! Oh, and make sure you buy lots of underware, otherwise you will be doing laundry constantly!

  2. My daughter was born in May, so she's about the same age as your little one... We were just about to start potty training (I mean, why not? The earlier the better, right?) when I read something interesting. According to several studies supported by the AAP, toddlers who begin potty training before 2 are usually not fully potty trained until the age of 4. Conversely, those who wait until after 2 usually complete their training by the time they're 3.
    Needless to say, I'm going to wait.
    I have no idea how accurate this information is, butI thought it was pretty interesting!
    ~Dinner With Kir


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