Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Talk About Me Tuesday- Sprinkle of Fun!

This week's featured blogger is Mari, from Sprinkle of Fun! Thanks Mari for sharing!!

What's your name?

Tell me a bit about yourself and your family.
I am a home schooling mom of 4 boys and a girl american bull-dog. I am into photography, scrapbooking, going out, love to meet people, and just have fun around both adults and children alike. I am also president to a non profit home school organization called Independent Home Schoolers Network.

What's the name and link to your blog?
Sprinkle Of Fun is the name of my blog and here is its link http://www.sprinkle-of-fun.blogspot.com/

What is your blog about/What do you like to write about in your blog?
I write about many things on my blog including education in many different ways, including resources, my thoughts and opinions, I of course write alot about my boys and show their pictures and viseis and I also show off our ameri-bully too. I am also doing product reviews and give aways now as well.

What inspired you to start a blog?
I originally started the blog to be a home schooling/educational blog, but I simply cannot write just about that, it isn't me. So I have decided to expand the topics more and hope that it is more interesting to more readers.

Do you have any blogging pet peeves?
Yes, when blogs are super cluttered with buttons and graphics, I have seen some blogs so stuffed with buttons and graphics that they over lap eachother. Another is when the blog does not have am email subscribe to option, and I don't mean rss feed, I mean an actual email update option. The other thing is the give away blogs, they join in hops, but have absolutely no posts to leave a comment that your a new follower or something, and they are not posting about the hops to spread the word. Again not all bloggers do this, but lately I have been seeing this. I love give aways, and I do join them, and I do host them myself, but some blogs just annoy me when they are completely solely about buying/selling/give aways and nothing else. I know there is more to that person, and I would like to know what makes people tick.

Do you have any big goals for your blog?
Gain more readers, followers and subscribers. Find a better layout that is more eye pleasing to readers and loads faster. Get more interesting content posted and more often.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?
I love to read a large variety of topics, I just love to read.
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