Friday, February 18, 2011

Publix Viva Italia Sale!! Score!!

So this week at Publix they are having their Viva Italia Sale which means TONS of Italian items like Hunts Diced Tomatoes, Progresso Soup, Progresso Breadcrumbs, Sargento shredded cheese and so many other Italian items are on sale!  Plus they have some really great store coupons like $5/20 of the Italian items on sale and there was even a coupon for $5/30 purchase that I was able to stack with it! These went along with all my other regular coupons as well!

I started planning Tuesday by looking at and finally felt ready to go today! There were a few things they were either out of or I couldn't find or they didn't carry, which had me pretty disappointed but overall I did pretty good.

I spent $54.85 and saved $70.36! I used $28 worth of coupons and saved $42.36 in special price savings! I was very please, despite not getting everything I wanted! :)   If you have a Publix near you I highly recommend you take advantage of this sale!!
All this for $54.85!!


  1. Holy moly! Score!! I'm so jealous that I don't have a Publix. :)

  2. I shopped at Publix today too! I spent 71.27 and saved 42.87! I had manufacturer, store and Target coupons that I used plus the advantage buys with the Bogo's. It was a great day at the grocery store!


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