Sunday, February 6, 2011

Oh Baby!

Today I went to a baby shower! That is horrible for baby fever, I tell you what! All the teeny weeny baby outfits and all the little doo-dads that babies need! I thought I had the fever before, but now I KNOW! It didn't help there were teeny weeny babies at the actual baby shower! It was all so sweet!! 

I'm hoping here in the next few months I can get ready to change the name of this blog to 2nd time mom!! hehe!!
Cuz who doesn't love a beautiful, innocent, precious, squishy little newborn?! :)

Noah as a newborn...soooo sweet!! 


  1. I so know what you mean! I hope to escape baby fever because I have 4 now (youngest is 7 weeks old) plus 3 stepsons that live with us full time so we are definitely DONE!

  2. utoh, I am afraid your baby fever might rub off on me LOL Not sure if my hubby with like that LOL. But I agree, who doesn't love a little bitty tiny being to snuggle! Especially when your toddler enters the stage of being too busy to cuddle mommy!? LOL I am a new follower to your blog and I already love what I see, looking forward to reading more! Feel free to come visit me over at

  3. So sweet! My baby fever is in overdrive since my sister is pregnant. Oh how I would love to have another!


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