Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New You 2011!

Welcome to New You 2011! If your new, no worries, just jump right in!! This is a link-up for weight loss support and encouragement! Just make a blog post or comment below with the following:
- Weight Goal:
- Last week's weight:
- This week's weight:
- And tell us about what you are doing to reach your goals/how your week has been/ any setbacks, etc?!

Also we've decided to do a question of the week!! This week is:

When was a time you were at your "happy weight"? 

I am still at 136lbs. No weight loss :( I'm suprised I haven't gained because I've been eating Valentine's Day chocolate like crazy this week! But I have also been working out this week so maybe that's why I haven't gained lol.

Suprisingly, the last time I was at my "happy weight" was right after I had Noah. I think it was the breastfeeding. I was really small and had big boobies and I loved it! :)

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