Sunday, July 18, 2010

The search for a church

So we are in a new town and I feel like I need to find a church for Noah and I to become a part of. The whole year we were in Athens I never found one. I visited a few that friends and family went to but never really put in the effort of finding a church home. This time I am determined to!

See the thing is, since Brian works weekends he can't go with us. So it would just be Noah and I. I worry about how people's first judgements would be walking into a church. Me, this young chick, with a baby on my hip and no man by my side. I feel like I have to make sure and let it be known that I do have a husband. But thats just my own issue. Who cares what people think. My reason for going should to be to learn and grow in Christ. Not to make friends. Although that would be nice. haha. I just want somewhere that we can feel welcome. Where I can feel comfortable leaving Noah in the nursery. I love a good church where everyone comes to say hello to you and thanks you for visiting and really takes the time to get to know you. Instead of these people that just stare and go on about their business. I want somewhere with young people like me there. People I can relate to and talk to.

I'm probably asking for a lot but I am determined to find us a church home. So this week I am looking into all the churches nearby and by next Sunday I will have one picked out to go try. Hopefully I will enjoy it! Wish me luck..this is a lot harder than it seems!!


  1. Hi Michelle! You may not know me. I've been following your blog for a few months now. I can't quite remember how I found it but I did. I went to school and graduated with Brian. I've loved reading about your life and seeing the pictures of your handsome son.

    I totally know how you feel with trying to find a church that doesn't judge you or make you feel like you are being judged. I haven't attended many churches around OC or Ath. But I have a couple. My home is Harvest Church in Winterville. I started attending about 5 years ago before my husband and I were married. My husband also works on the weekends now and I attend Wednesday and Sunday with my 9 month old and without my husband. Occasionally we're lucky and he gets one of those days off and he'll attend. Anyway, it's a small church, but once you get to know the people it will feel like your 2nd family. I'd love it if you would visit Harvest and see what you think. I actually watch the nursery once a month on Sunday's. The other ladies that watch the nursery are great ladies too. There are only a couple of children young enough to go in the nursery that come on a regular basis. I'm sure you guys would feel at home. No pressure at all. I know finding that home church is different for every person. But I'd love to meet you and your son. You can email me or visit my crafty blog some time if you'd like to contact me. Hope you have a great week!

  2. Hey Ashley! I had no idea you knew Brian! Thats awesome! DO you have facebook? Look me up!

  3. I know exactly how you feel! I would love to find us a great church but all the churches around me I feel like are judging us before we even walk in. And that's pathetic because I swear, there are at least 10 churches within two blocks of my house. I also would need a nursery where I would feel comfortable with leaving my boys. Good luck as you try to find one!


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