Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog Hop Friday!

So I have discovered this cool new thing that I guess has been around for a bit but I've been totally out of the loop. Its called Blog Hop Friday. Its by another fellow mama blogger and on Friday's you can go to her blog and post a link to your blog! AND find other blogs to follow! Its really cool, cuz not only do you get to get new followers but you get to find other blogs to read! So if you are a fellow blogger click the link and check it out!!


  1. I'm here from trendy Treehouse - Good to "see" you and your cute blog! ;)

  2. Hello! I am a new follower from Friday Blog Hops I am enjoying reading your blog! I look forward to reading more! I hope you will visit me at Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi! I'm your newest follower. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your son is such a cutie!


  4. Thanks for the follow...right back at ya! Can't wait to catch up!!!


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