Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another Avon Giveaway!

Geez I keep forgetting to mention my Avon Giveaway! Finally remembered!

For my new followers , I am an Avon representative! Its a nice fun way to earn some extra cash while staying at home with little man!

So ... on to the giveaway! I am giving away FREE smooth minerals foundation! A lot of my fans are curious about this stuff so I thought lets give some away! I LOVE the stuff and will never go back to liquid foundation!

What you have to do:
1. become a fan of my fb page  (!/pages/Winder-GA/Michelle-Ferguson-Avon-Representative-for-Athens-GA/115913761763311?ref=mf&__a=5&ajaxpipe=1)
2. Suggest the page to ALL your friends!!(there's a link on left under profile pic that says Suggest to Friends)
3. Have them post on my wall that YOU sent them!
4. Every time your name is mentioned on my wall, your name is entered into the giveaway!!

I will pick a random winner from the names on the wall on July 27th at 9am! So get over there and start suggesting! :))))

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