Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rockin Green--my favorite laundry detergent!

So I discovered Rockin Green when I start cloth diapering. It is a detergent made specifically for cloth diapers. It doesn't have the dye, enzymes, and fillers that most laundry detergents have. So it also is good for the earth and those with sensitive skin! I used Tide Free on my cloth before I tried Rockin Green. When I tried it you could tell the difference right away. The diapers felt so much cleaner! They were brighter and softer too! Rockin Green got all the buildup off of them and got them REALLY clean! I will never go back to any other detergent again!

Well, Rockin Green and their retailers like to do alot of fun giveaways! I am entered in a few that I need your help with.

The first one is a photo contest with Diaper Change Diaper's facebook page. They are doing a contest where you post a photo of you little one on their page and then get your friends to "like" their page and "like" the picture you post to count as a vote.  The picture with the most "likes" gets a free cloth diaper and a free back of Rockin Green!! So if you have a facebook please click here to vote for my sweet Noah! 

The second Giveaway I am doing is with Maxwell Designs. On their blog they are giving away a free bag of Rockin Green and a free Maxwell Design wetbag or change pad! So if you're interested in trying Rockin Green you can also participate in the giveaway on their blog!

I can't recommend Rockin Green enough! It's a great product made by a great work-at-home-mom! If you are in any way interested in their product please take a moment to visit their website! It's well worth it!

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