Friday, July 16, 2010

A little rant!

Ok I just have to rant a little. I can't stand seeing kids having kids. It makes me so sad. Especially these young teens who are doing it to be cool or keep their boyfriend around...stuff like that. It makes me sick.

They just don't understand the reality of having a baby. I am 22, almost 23 and it is HARD on me. I am still young and have a lot ahead of me. Sometimes I honestly just want to be the single, fun party girl that I used to be. But the reality of it is, with a baby you can't do anything like that. You have to be home for 8 o'clock bedtime. And you can't stay up to late cuz baby will be up early. Life runs on baby's schedule, not yours anymore. And lets not even get into the financial aspect of having a baby!! Baby's cost money! ALOT of money!! So although it is rewarding and the best thing that has ever happened to me, I'll be the first to admit to you that it is freakin' hard!!

Moral of the story-- strap up!! Use the rubber! haha! And adults and parents...teach your kiddos how HARD it is to have a child! Teach them the consequences of unsafe sex! Show them that its not worth it! Be a parent and raise them to do the right thing!!



  1. Visiting from New Friend Friday and AMEN. I'm the same age as you and it kills me. I just want to shake them and be like TAKE MY CHILD FOR A DAY AND SEE IF YOU EVER WANT TO EVEN LOOK AT A BOY AGAIN!!

    haha. I love him but boy is my son high matinence! I often miss my college days. I was never a partier but freedom (and having friends) sure was nice!

    Luckily our son (8 months old) hasn't really cost us much money yet, but I'm sure it will add up over the years!

  2. Oh, I hear ya! I'm 27 and never really had the "go out every weekend party hard" lifestyle and I'm STILL shocked by how HARD the demands of a baby are on my pretty pathetic social life!

    I also admit to watching 16 and Pregnant on MTV and yelling at the tv. A lot.


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