Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Seven

This is always fun! You name 7 things you did, wanted to do, thought, whatever over the past week.

Here's mine
1. Had a photo shoot! (I'll post pics)
2. Went to walmart (thats a daily thing almost)
3. Took Noah to Gymboree
4. Went to school
5. Took a nice hot bath (like 3 nights this week)
6. Unpacked more boxes
7. Got stressed out and had a meltdown (ha)

The Photo shoot was for a friend I graduated with. She's a fairly new photographer and needed some wedding practice. SO I put that wedding dress back on and did my thing for her! I loved how the pics turned out!! She's a great photographer!


  1. Hi, Michelle! These pics are really nice. Your little boy is a handsome little thing. I enjoyed visiting today and will definitely be back!

  2. Very beautiful!! thanks for following I am following back :-)


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