Saturday, July 24, 2010

Help! Pro Bloggers!

How can I make my blog pretty? How do I get a button? And possibly for free? Thanks!


  1. Try can find layouts there. I haven't quite figured out the button yet...

    good luck!

  2. hey im following you from surfin saturdays, i had the same questions when i started especially about the button. i googled how to make a blog button and between the many links i clicked i was able to figure it out, although i think the hardest part is figuring out the design. lol well i found this post from a blog that was helpful to me

    when u get a minute maybe check out my page and follow me back thanks...

  3. Hey there! Found you through the blog surf. I love your blog, your son is adorable :)

    I don't know about free, but I'm a blog designer and I've been told I can make blogs pretty ;)

    Nice to meet you!


  4. Once you get it down buttons are pretty easy and there are lots of how to posts online. There are so many places to find cute templates for your blog too just google it and there will be a huge amount of places to look..picking one is the hard part! Lol. Following from surfin saturday! Have a great weekend!


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