Monday, December 6, 2010


What did you think of A Merry Fluffy Christmas? Great prizes? Not so great? How did you like the setup of the giveaways? Give me your feedback so I can pass them along for next year! :)

Since I've been so busy with MFC I didn't share any pictures from our trip to New York! So here's a few for you to enjoy!

Noah snuggling with his Great-Grandma Jean
All bundled up!
Picture in the snow!!

Our family with my wonderful grandparents!


  1. I thought MFC was a ton of fun! Most of the prizes were good, there were only a few I didn't bother entering. My only request would be that more blogs use google docs for entries, it's way way easier and faster than commenting!

  2. I really liked the google doc entry form too. I also found that I didn't enter some of the contests that had a lot of mandatory entrys since there were so many.

  3. I loved MFC! You had really great giveaways! I preferred google forms rather than comments, but either way works. Some blogs requested that you go to the website and pick your favorite item for an extra entry...I thought that was fun.

  4. Beautiful family!
    I loved MFC! My husband thought I was nuts entering but we will see! LOL! Can't wait to see the winners! Thanks for doing this!

  5. Those are great pictures!

    I really loved the MFC event! My only problem with it was I didn't know about it from the start, so it was very time consuming trying to get in all the regular entries *and* all the extras! But I'm hoping it was worth it and that I'll win something! =D

  6. I agree that the Google doc forms were easier than commenting. But, at the same time, I had trouble keeping track of which Google docs I'd filled out, whereas I could just go back and find my comments.

    The "telling your fave item" part of commenting would have been more fun if there weren't so many on some blogs. It was already a lot of time spent entering the giveaways themselves, but having to spend extra time finding items I liked was tough. Tho, I did find a lot of cute things I never would have known about if I didn't go look! =D

  7. I've never used the google forms but I am going to learn how since ya'll like them so much :))

  8. Hi, I am the newest follower of your blog and would love for you to stop by mine. I have a great giveaway up right now as well you might be interested in. ~Thanks

  9. :) It was really neat! This Giveaway made me realize how many CD mommmas are out there as well as all the really neat Etsy Shops and websites--where a person is behind the business and not just a big wig corporation greedy for money! :) wonderful experience-my first time wit this whole sweepstakes/giveaway too!

  10. Super fun! I can't believe it's almost over already! I "met" quite a few new CD buddies! :-)

  11. MFC was fun, but overwhelming! 19 blogs is a lot do to every single day! I didn't enter some, but mainly because they were size specific. (Like a newborn package.)

    I really like the Google forms, but I think they need to have an area for you to write out your Google ID, Facebook ID, and Twitter ID. I ended up having to put my Google Name and Facebook name in the main name space, so it wasn't clear if which name went to what. (I hope that makes sense.)

    I'm actually about to go through and finish my day 5 entries. I've been putting it off because I'm kind of burned out at this point.. However, I did a ton of the extra entry stuff on day 1, so I don't want to have wasted my time. o_0

    All in all, a HUGE, AWESOME event! It must have taken so much time and you gals really did a great job!

    (Btw, LOVE the picture with G/Grandma!)

  12. MFC entriess took way to long to enter over 19 blogs. As a mom of two little ones I don't have that much time to sit around and like this on FB, follow on twitter, tweet, blog, find one item I like on the sponsors page... I loved the blogs that had entry forms.

    It would be nice to know who is hosting the MFC events, have links sponsors FB pages, twitter pages and know what we need to do before hand so if we prepare we can just go post entries instead of going over to FB and twitter for every site just to follow/like a sponsor.

  13. I really liked the google doc entry form too. I didn't enter some of the contests that had a lot of mandatory entrys since there were so many, especially the ones that made you go to a lot of other sites.


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