Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Affordable Tools for the Man in Your Life (or you!) -Husky Tools Review

Now, I'm not a tool user. I can barely use a screwdriver! So when I was given the opportunity to review Husky Tools, I knew it would be my husband doing the reviewing. I can say I have used this tool once (yay me!) but most of this review is from the mouth of my husband, Brian.

Husky Tools are sold at Home Depot and are great, affordable tools for any household! They make life a little bit easier for everyone and the best part about it is they are guaranteed forever!!

We received the Husky 48-piece Tri-Grip Screwdriver Set to review. This set includes a tri-grip driver, extension bar, 14 sockets, and 32 screwdriver bits. This item sells for only about $10 at Home Depot! And let me tell you, my husband has used this on almost every part of the house! Anything that needs tightening, loosened, or fixed, he could do it with this tool! He tells me it is a great household tool that is easy enough for almost anyone to use. You can use it for so many different projects. I know he loves it, because like I said, he uses it all the time! He told me the only thing he would change about it isthat he'd like for the tip to be more magnetic. But other than that, its a big hit!!

If your looking for a birthday gift or just something sweet to get the man in your life I highly suggest a Husky Tool!!

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