Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some Holiday Fun For Mommy and Daddy! (Adult Content)

Warning! This blog post is for adult eyes only! So if there are kiddos in the room , read later!!

So once you become a parent, everything is about your child. Your schedule pretty much revolves around that new baby. And after going through pregnancy and childbirth, sex is the last thing on your mind! At least it was for me! It took me a while to really even want to try it and even after that I am just now seriously getting my sex drive back and really WANTING to have sex!

Well I have recently learned about this amazing company called Eden Fantasys! They are here to help spice up your sex life, whether its after a new baby or just for some added fun in the bedroom! Eden fantasies carries everything you need to spice up your sex life! From Love Games, to Oils and Lotions, to Costumes for Role Playing; they've got what you want and need!

Sex fun and romance does not have to slow down after baby! It can be hard getting back in the swing of things, but with a little mommy, daddy time and some help from Eden Fantasies, your on your way to having some amazing fun!!

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  1. where is the steamy story of what you tried? hehehe... j/k Michelle! :D


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