Friday, December 31, 2010

My New Year's Resolutions for 2011

I can't believe today is the last day of 2010! What an amazing year 2010 has been! We have been so blessed this year and I'm hoping 2011 has just as many blessings for us! I don't normally do resolutions but this year I do have quite a few things that I would like to change so I decided to make a list! Here it is!!

  1. Lose at least 10lbs!! This year I went on a birth control pill that made me gain some weight! I can't blame it all on the birth control...I've been horrible about eating junk food! I'm talking cookies, candy, chocolate..all junk!! I would really just like to get it better shape and lose about 10lbs so I can feel good about myself again. I plan on working out more and cutting WAY back on the junk food! I wanna feel sexy again!!
  2. Worry less, pray more. I don't sleep well at night because I'm such a worry wart! I always have something on my mind that I'm worried about. Its exhausting, yet it keeps me up at night. This coming year I need to give my worries to God and let him take care of them, instead of holding on to them myself. He is in control and he can take care of all my needs.
  3. Be More Intimate with my Husband. My sex drive has struggled TONS since having Noah and even more when I changed birth control. Now that I am not on birth control anymore and Noah is nearly 2, I don't really have any more excuses. I miss being intimate with my husband but I know its my own fault we aren't more initimate. My goal is to take more time to spend with him (even if that means less blogging) and make more of an effort on my part to be with him more intimately.
  4. Spend More Time with Family. I'll admit it. I'm an online junkie. Between blogging, facebook, Babycenter, and school work I am on the computer A LOT! So another one of my resolutions is to stay off the computer a bit more and spend that time with Noah and Brian. This doesn't mean I am going to disappear. I just am going to use naptime and bedtime for the computer, but when Noah's up I'm not going to get on the computer at all.
  5. Do good in school! This is my goal for every quarter,but this last big quarter I'd really like to make all A's. I have a good GPA but there's always room for improvement :)

I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed New Year's and a very blessed 2011!! 

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