Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Big Milestone for my Noah Bear!

So Noah will be 20 months next week! He's growing up so fast and I cannot believe he is in his last few months of being a one year old! :( Makes me sad, but I am so proud of him! He's a beautiful, friendly, loving little guy that makes me smile every day!

Now I'm sure you heard about drop-down cribs being outlawed recently, and thats what we have! So we decided no better time than the present to get him in a toddler bed. We had a small twin bed we thought might work, but its a little too high for my liking! So today I am toddler bed shopping! Walmart harldy carries any in store so I'm looking online. I'm hoping to get one ordered today and have it shipped by or near Christmas! I think he'll do good in a toddler bed. Everyone tells me its hard the first few nights but it soon gets better! I'm excited and nervous , but I think it'll be a good thing!

Tell me, when did you switch your toddler to a toddler bed, and what kind of bed do they have? Like it, hate it, love it? Give me your input!!


  1. I am excited to hear how it goes! good luck finding one! WE have one for Adam in the pole barn just waiting for him... once baby out grows the bassinet we don't have a choice but to put Adam in the big bed!

  2. I switched Cohen into a toddler bed at 20 months. He loved it! :) And still sleeps great in it, 8 months later! :) Good luck!!

  3. I know Bugsy was at least 1 when we switched him. One day I laid him down for a nap and when I went in to check on him, he was playing in his room. He had crawled out of his crib. I switched him into a toddler bed that night! Luckily we had a Lifetime crib.

  4. We have a convertible crib for our daughter, and she hasn't tried to climb out again since we lowered it to the lowest setting. She's about to turn 2, and my plan is to switch her when we start potty training, which is coming sooner than I would like...

  5. My son was 1 when I converted his drop side crib to the toddler bed, I put an extra matteress next to it on the floor and he slept on floor one for a few weeks and he decided when he wanted to get in it. When he was 15 months old we moved into my MILS and bought him a toddler bed from walmart. I hate it. It came in 100 pieces. It is the one for $50. Do not get this one unless you want to spend 4 hours putting it together. And there's a 50 pound weight limit on it. So it's hard to lay in it with him when he wants to cuddle. I'm a very small mama. LOL. 102 pounds. =)

    As far as the drop side cribs I have several friends still use them and babies r us said they are not recalled. Any advice to prove to them they need to stop using them? And how they can get it replaced or money back?


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