Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Workout Wednesday!

Welcome to Workout Wednesday! Here we share how our workout week has been and talk about our struggles and accomplishments and our goals! 

So guess what?! I finished Insanity! I am so excited to be finished and have accomplished it! I have lost a total of 3 pounds and 11.5 inches! Here are my results photos! 

Doing Insanity has really shown me that if you set a goal and stick with it, anything is possible! I really think setting goals is a HUGE part of weight loss and fitness success! So today I want to talk about goals! I need to make a new goal now that I am finished with Insanity and I want to hear what your goals are as well!

I'm going to be running another 5k in a few weeks so one of my goals is to make a better time than my first 5k! I also want to start and finish Shaun T's new program, Focus T25! It's only 25 minutes a day which is really exciting for this busy mama! 

What is one goal you have about your health/weight/life? What would be your ideal weight loss? Or an activity you would love to accomplish? Share with me one of those goals and let's help each other achieve our goals! 


  1. You look amazing! As for me, my fitness goal is to be able to do a 17k hike through the woodland trails in my city next summer. Just me and the dog. My idea of outdoor heaven, and some beautiful scenery.

  2. Inspiring! I've been changing my family's eating habits for the better and purchased a work out video that my husband and I are committed to doing each morning.

  3. My goal is to gain 5 pounds. I am exercising daily and simply need to add in some extra calories to my diet.

  4. You can definitely see the difference. Great job!

  5. good job michelle.. i too am on a diet and excersing as much as i can.. hope i can loose 15lbs by dec. hoping.


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